Finding Your Own Angels

Along your journey of entrepreneurship you will find your own angels that help you get your business off the ground.  This might be your first customer that gives you a “break” and says “I know your product is untested, but I will take a chance on you and try it out”.

Or it might be a new employee that says, “I know I can make more money somewhere else, but I believe in where you are going and will sacrifice the short term for the longer term”.

Or it might be a reporter that says “I’ll spend some of my precious time writing about you and your products as I can see an angle for my readers”.

Or it might be someone with money that says “the idea isn’t 100 % developed but I think you got great potential and I will put some money behind you.”.

Or simply a friend that says “I will take 5 minutes out of my day to tell my friends about your business or introduce you to someone that can help.”

And a host of other angels will join you along your journey of entrepreneurship to help you get to your goals.

The only way the angels will appear though is if you start your journey.  If you take the first step.  Angels exist everywhere but they only appear when they know they are needed.  An idea in your head doesn’t give an angel a chance to come help you.  Do something, take the first steps and the angels will eventually start appearing.

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