Getting Over Fear Of “I Told You So”

Starting anything out of the ordinary has the risk of being exposed to “I told you so”.  When you have a new idea there will be many people that will tell you that it will never work.  All of a sudden you will get the “what happens if they are right and it doesn’t work” in your mind.  You get the fear of hearing “I told you so”.

In anything new you want to try you have to get past the “I told you so” syndrome.  So many ideas have died because people didn’t want to try them out due to the fear of hearing “I told you so” from their friends and family.

Get over it.  Truth is no one really cares about you but you.  Your mom doesn’t even think about you all day long – she has her own life to worry about.  Getting over the “I told you so” fear opens up your mind and gives you the freedom to try out new things.  The “I told you so” people will be on the sidelines watching life go by as they want to be proved right – that new ideas don’t work.  While you will be out there making it happen and learning from every “I told you so” experience.

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Amir Anzur


  1. Badih Matar

    Hi Amir,

    very insightful,

    see u soon

    1. amiranzur

      Thanks Badih! Definitely catchup soon!

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