“Give me enough medals, and I will win any war.” Napoleon Bonaparte, military genius.

Napoleon believed that it wasn’t money that incentivized men to fight harder in battles, but simply the honor of winning a medal.

Medals and honors have been used throughout human society to help improve standards in various industries. Athletes train harder when they know they have the chance of winning a gold medal. Ranking of MBA schools ensures that MBA schools keep working hard to please their evaluators as better rankings lead to better students for them.

In the same regard, the Webpreneur Academy Awards are our way to acknowledge, thank and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers to keep doing what they are doing and help the world progress that one more step.

For nominees and winners of the awards, this leads to more press and more exposure gives them that little boost to keep going and doing the amazing things they are already doing.

Being an award winning journalist sounds much better on your resume than being just another journalist. So the credibility of an award will help the winners throughout their long careers ahead. Webpreneur Academy saying that these people are the best is much more credible than themselves saying that they are the best.

We will do all we can to give exposure to these leaders in the internet economy as they experiment, innovate and try out business models and show their creativity to the world. Being an innovator or an entrepreneur isn’t easy – if it was, everyone would be doing it. Taking a few hours out, once a year to acknowledge these innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs that help progress our human society is our way of saying “thank you”.

Webpreneur Academy Awards happening at SEECS, NUST today (Friday 14th Feb from 9.30 am till late). Please do come and attend (event is free to attend and you can come in anytime during the day but people attending earlier will learn more!). We would appreciate if you could encourage your friends in the media world to come to this event as more press means more exposure for our award winners. Your friends and anyone else is also welcome.

If you have won the award and can attend pls do so sometime today before 7 pm so we can take a photo of you and a small acceptance speech (otherwise we will get it on Skype!).

You will get inspired by the leaders of the internet economy and people we consider as role models for society to follow. Some of the winners are super famous and successful already and some will be in the next few years.

A few of the Webpreneur Academy Award Winners which we will honor today:

Nelson Mandela -End Brandism Award
If there is one person that really helped move the world closer towards helping to end brandism it was Nelson Mandela. At a time when the brand of “black people” was thought inferior to the brand of “white people” Nelson believed that they too had the rights to be treated equally in his country of South Africa. Madiba spent 27 years in prison pursuing a goal to help serve his people better. When he got out of prison he worked hard to patch relationships and to end apartheid as smoothly as possible. If you are ever struggling to achieve your goals look towards the great Nelson Mandela and the sacrifices he made to turn his dream to reality. 2013 sadly saw the passing of one of the great men in history but his memory will inspire millions around the world to continue to end brandism for whichever race, religion, skin color, age, voice or whatever they feel strongly about.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Begin Youism Award
Sheikh Mo as he is affectionately known to the millions of followers has helped create brand Dubai into a global powerhouse. You could argue that it is just a patch of sand like any other place but Sheikh Mo had the vision to turn it into the most desirable patch of sand in the world where millions of tourists want to visit every year and millions of people want to move to and enjoy the chance to make a better standard of living for themselves and their families. Indoor ski-slope in the dessert, world’s tallest building, islands made in the shape of palm trees so that more beach front could be given to residents are all because the man behind the vision and brand of Dubai knows how to successfully run Dubai Inc. If you want to learn about innovation and marketing simply spend a week or two in Dubai and connect with the worlds meeting place for entrepreneurs. If more leaders of cities and countries had his ambition and leadership skills to serve their people, the world would be a much better place.

Steve Jobs – Lifetime Innovator Award (www.apple.com)
Few people have the passion to serve humanity the way Steve did. While on his death bed in hospital suffering from cancer he was advising the nurses and doctors on how they could improve the design of their hospital equipment. Not only has he served millions of people through his innovations in the field of music, education, computing, mobile amongst others but he also left behind a company that continues to make money while providing jobs and careers to thousands of people and serving millions of people. Great innovators create something beyond themselves. Thomas Edison left behind GE, Steve Jobs leaves behind Apple Inc.

Arshad Ali – Intrapreneur of the Year
– One of the great role models of society taking chances and helping society progress. Webpreneur Academy couldn’t have happened without his support and now many of his own students have long term career prospects due to his support in getting us to work with NUST. Dr. Arshad is a true intrapreneur appreciating that entrepreneurs and innovators need to be facilitated rather than told to write proposals and do paper-work. As an innovator myself I can not tell you how THANKFUL we are when we meet someone that can work with the speed and the dynamism of Dr. Arshad. While bureaucrats and NGO owners sitting on millions of dollars of public money seem to waste it in bureaucracy and seem to have Meetingatitus as well as SendMeAProposalatitus, Dr. Arshad is able to take a few thousand dollars and turn it into millions of dollars of benefit for his country and his society. Simply on handshakes and trust while knowing how to handle the procedures of the organisation he works in. If countries were run by Dr. Arshad global poverty would be alleviated within 3 years. He has helped hundreds of businesses startup and tens of thousands of jobs have been created due to the help he has provided entrepreneurs in his many years as head of NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Being a leader is not just about the title – he is truly a man that has pushed society forward and a role model of the type of people we would love to see more of. A reality TV show that he helped bring to reality: https://vimeo.com/78360422.

Maajid Maqbool- Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year
Committed to his students and pushing them every step of the way to encourage them to start and grow their businesses. There are few mentors like him with the true passion to serve their students. One of the most loved and respected professors bringing his real world experience to help the next generation succeed in their ventures. If you are thinking of starting a venture than a few minutes with Maajid Maqbool will save you years of trying to figure out things yourself.

Mohsin Lodhi – Water Brand of the Year (http://atlantispremiumwater.com/)
A true entrepreneur that we could have given the award for his ability to create and mentor leaders. We would also like to help promote this water company – the true virus-free water of choice for webpreneurs that want clean water delivered to their home or offices. He is a true entrepreneur and a great mentor to thousands of students. Lets help him take his water company to the next level of global domination. Order your water delivery from Atlantis Premium Water: 051-111-777-200

Rabbia Mahmood – Chief Financial Officer of the Year
Taking control of the company finances of Webpreneur is not easy. Run by crazy creative types of people eager to bring innovations to the world rather than look at financial numbers on a spreadsheet, Rabbia is a role model for women looking to enter the world of work. A graduate of NUST Business School MBA her dedication and commitment to work will make it others of NUST to get hired in the corporate sector. Rabbia not only runs the finances but also a lot of the operations of the Webpreneur Academy.

Qomal Tariq – Best Softskills Trainer of the Year
Komal knows the art of people. She teaches people how to be influential and persuasive in helping to develop their personalities. Her teachings include fundamentals such as body language.

Robin Sharma – Online Mindset Teacher of the Year
Robin is helping millions of entrepreneurs and others through his teachings. Robin has found ways to reach more people not only through his books but now webinars and seminars too. His webinars such as http://bit.ly/1bPWsUP help motivate millions.


Mohsin Naveed – Freelancer of the Year
Apart from doing his A-levels, Mohsin had the hunger to become an entrepreneur. After taking the Webpreneur course, Mohsin started a few online fashion businesses before deciding that freelancing was his way to bring in cash flow faster. Starting on just $1 for 500 word articles, he slowly increased his rate. He re-lanched an online store as well as setup a physical retail outlet in G11 to sell clothes. But the real benefit of all his hard work came when we gave him the freelancer of the Year Award. He used that award to put on his personal statements while applying to universities. Being a winner of an award along with all the hours of practice in writing he had gained from freelancing as well as the increased confidence helped Mohsin differentiate himself from the millions of students that apply to universities around the world. He has now been offered over $150,000 in scholarships from 3 different universities one of which is paying his full-tuition and offering him over $85,000 benefit. Not bad from a teenager who started earning a dollar per 500 word article. Awards are a way to differentiate yourself and this is really why I see the power of giving awards – it costs us a few dollars to print and give these awards but as Mohsin will tell you this led to his parents saving over $85,000 as he goes to university in the US next year. Remember winners of the Webpreneur Academy award have something else they can put on their resume and in the internet economy it is all about branding out from the crowd. We love seeing our students succeed!

Faisal Mushtaq TI – Private School CEO of the Year (Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan Official)
Faisal has the vision and the passion to bring the best in education to his students and teachers. We are not talking about the best in Pakistan but the best in the world. Having taught at some of the best and most expensive schools in the world, we can truly say that the staff, faculty, students and parents have the best experience during their educational years. Students like Mohsin Naveed succeed as Roots gives them the confidence and the exposure to be able to succeed.

Home Video Dark

Abbas Alidina – Best Social Media Metrics Software (https://www.crowdbabble.com/)
Abbas is not only a leader in the social media field through his company Logicks and now they are also the people behind Crowdbabble. This genius software lets you optimize your social media marketing with professional and easy-to-use social media analytics reports.

Barbara Meynert – Healthpreneur of the Year (www.sagevita.com).
Barbara has the passion to help people live longer and healthier lives. After completing a hugely successful corporate career, Barbara realized that health was a part of life that people often give less attention to than it deserves. Through SageVita she is educating and serving people to live longer healthier lives.

Marium Khan – Anchor of the Year
Marium stepped out of her comfort zone and led a team to produce, direct and anchor The Webpreneur Reality shows. Season 1 was “The Internship” https://vimeo.com/78360422 and Season 2 was “Educate KP”:

Paras Ali – Tech Magpreneur of the Year
Paras is passionate about bringing the world of science and technology and not only brought the magazine which is in over 100 colleges and universities but is now also introducing techtv.pk to bring science and technology through television https://vimeo.com/85803276

Jason Horton
Jason Horton – Snowboarding Journalist of the Year
Jason has the love for snowboarding and his quirky sense of humor and global experience means that his writing style endears readers to follow whatever he writes in different magazines around the world catering to the snowboarding market.

Muhammad Amjad Saqib- Best Lender of the Year (akhuwat.org.pk/)
Dr. Amjad started Akhuwat with the backing of some of the best minds and commitment in the country. Micropreneurs often struggle to get started in their business as they simply don’t have the funds to buy the tools they need to get started. Akhuwat provides them microloans from $100 to $500 to start a microenterprise. And once these micropreneurs grow they tend to pay back the loans and can go through to larger professional loans from regular banks which would not serve them initially. https://vimeo.com/85428088

Muhammad Saleem Ahmad Ranjha- Connector of the Year
Is there anyone that doesn’t know Saleem Ranjha. This is the person you need to meet and will help you out. Your assets are your friends and if there is one friend you need to make that is Saleem Ranjha. One of the true assets in society – he is the man behind the successful people of society. Entrepreneurs and innovators love people like Saleem Ranjha who open doors and selfishly introduce their connections to the world. His dream is to help create PakAid and I am sure we can help him bring that to reality.

Tariq Jahangiri- Government Lawyer of the Year
If you want to win your law cases you can not find a better lawyer than Tariq Jahangiri. His commitment to his clients means he is regarded as probably the top lawyer in the country if not the world. His time and ability to see things is remarkable and a true lawyer with a commitment to serve his clients. If you want to be sure that you have the best brains working on your problem than hire Jahangiri Law Associates.

Nadir Ahmad Shah – Best Digital Strategist (www.NadirShah.com)
Nadir plans and gives strategic advice for corporates wanting to dominate the online world. There is no better person to turn to for your social media marketing advice. Nadir is the go to person for your digital strategies.

Yasir Hayat – Planning Excellence Award in Development Sector
Serving the people of KP, Yasir tirelessly works the long hours and shows his commitment in the humanitarian development sector. Yasir has a great ability to solve problems and show governments best return on their investments.

Shahid Aziz – Engineer of the Year
Shahid Aziz has a great ability to solve almost any problem. His training in the field of engineering has him building some of the best roads, bridges and buildings. He knows how to generate electricity through large hydro-projects. He is the person you need to connect to if you would like to bring electricity to your area or have your projects delivered with someone you can trust.

Pre Lav – Education Consultant of the Year
Pre Lav or PJ as he is known to his friends (it’s a long Serbian story!) is committed to excellence in the field of education.

Giorgio Ungania – Media Specialist of the Year
Who doesn’t know Giorgio in Dubai? Not only arranging the TedXDubai but being a sincere guy that wants to help the world through media. He is the go to expert in this category.

Tomoya Yasuda – Cookpreneur of the year (cookpad inc)
Tomoya is a master of internet entrepreneurship and now brings innovations to the world of cooking. He has been known to be an expert in the banana business too.

David Risley – Blogpreneur of the year (www.blogmarketingacademy.com)
If you want to truly learn what it takes to be a successful online blogpreneur than there is no better person to learn from than David Risley.

Mohammed Syed – Angel Investor of the Year
When few people see how in an idea, Mohammed goes out and supports entrepreneurs in their early stages. He is passionate about making the world better and using finance and his ability to network achieves this. He has been a great supporter of Webpreneur Academy and put his money where his mouth was and beaded through the ups and downs of the startup world long before many of you knew what Webpreneur or shoppingmarkaz did (and many of you still don’t but we will get there!). A big name in the industry and the leading angel investor in the middle east if not the world. Mohammed has a passion for oil and logistics but dabbles in the world of technology too.

Gideon Shalwick- Videopreneur of the Year
Video is the new currency of wealth in the internet world. Gideon Shalwick is the most experienced and best teacher to teach you how to become a videopreneur. Check out his blog and YouTube channels to get the best advice.

Manzoor Ahmad – Father of the Year
Entrepreneurship is a lot of hard work. A lot of sweat. And many tears. Having a father that is there to support you through the ups and downs of the journeys of life means that someone like myself can take more risks than are probably sensible to take. His commitment to serve society as well as the work ethic he has shown his kids throughout our lives means that this is a role model of a father that we one day hope to emulate.

Iftikhar Durrani- Social Development Expert of the Year
Durrani has been advising governments across the world on social development and public policy issues. His advice is much sought after throughout the world and his deep expertise has been an asset to governments looking to improve the lives of their citizens.

Faryal Choudry – Mental Illness Councilor of Year
Faryal has spent many years learning and many more years serving people with mental illness. This ranges from drug and alcohol addiction to a whole range of other issues that people have to deal with. With the help of Faryal they get to a better stage in their life much quicker.

Gul Muhammad Khan – Electropreneur of the Year (electrocure)
Dr. Gul and his team have spent the last few years developing technology which helps reduce electricity leakage which can be as high as 40 % in many parts of countries like Pakistan. Either we burn 40 % more oil or we look to get 40 % more out of the oil we are currently using. His and his teams amazing innovations will help bring electricity to millions of people and help micro-preneurs run their businesses more efficiently (it is hard to run a tailor shop when the electricity is out!). See his video: https://vimeo.com/83912087

Samir Anzur – Financial Analyst of the Year
Samir has the ability to work through numbers and see if any deal is worth investing in or not. Samir is passionate about helping his clients secure large amounts of financing so they can grow their businesses. With experience in Wall St as well as Canada and Europe Samir brings the global experience to the world.

Joudat Ayaz & Shehzad Younis – Business Cloud App of the Year
www.Halkar.com enables businesses to run much more efficiently as it helps them have all their IT infrastructure in one place.

Owais Ahmed – Pokerpreneur of the Year
Whoever thought that statistics and mathematics came in useful after high school? Owais with his amazing ability to calculate his odds and bluff and unbluff his opponents means that he is the most feared guy on the Poker table. If Owais is on your table, the smart thing to do is to move fold and move to another table.

Khalid Butt / Omair Iqbal- Development Sector Collaborator of the Year (@tabafoudation)
Working hard to help facilitate the collaboration of over 70 NGOs. These people have the passion to bring a positive change to society.

Barack Obama – President of the Year
Barack helped protray a friendlier image to the world of a country that brings together some of the best innovations and entrepreneurs to the world. T

Becky Blake – Autismpreneur of the Year
Becky sees that autistic kids and adults can lead a much better life going through the trainings and techings that she has developed over the years. Get in touch with Becky of you know someone with Autism that might lead a better life thanks to her teachings.

Omar Allam- Software Development Company of the Year (www.worldtechadvisors.com)
Omar is the co-founder of World Tech Advisors which is a creative global end-to-end website development and mobile services company with locations in Ottawa, Sydney, Islamabad, London, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, ready to help you ‘think outside the binary’.

Carole Spiers – Best DeStress Strategist
In an ever faster moving world, too many people suffer from stress. Carole has used her vast experience working with the likes of the BBC and training thousands of corporate clients on the best methods of living a stress-free life.

Terry Hilsberg – Edutech Venture Capitalist of the Year
Terry is the man

Murtaza Zaidi – Startuppreneur of the Year
Murtaza is an active startupreneur in the global economy running not only @The Indus Entrepreneurs but also bringing the startup cup with Sean Griffin to another new terriorty. Murtaza a technology company with 60 plus employees providing IT and Oil and Gas Seismic Data processing services.

Com Mirza – Inspirer of the Year
Com manages to inspire and motivate people. When the chips are down and you can’t figure out what to do go visit Com’s status updates and get another dose of life to push you to the next level. CEO of Mirza Ventures this is the guy you will want to meet to take you venture to the next level.

@farah saadya – TV anchor of the Year

@Kashif Munir – media editor of the Year

@Umar Khalid – Maketer of the Year

@Hamza Manzoor – Developer of the Year
Hamza knows in and out of technology. He is the guy to connect to regarding technology. The best and most hardworking software developer.

@faiszan Qadri – Backend developer of the year

@umer Hashmi – Radio Documentary of the Year

@adil Aziz – All round talentpreneur of the Year

Usama Shahid Khan – Best Education Website (www.meritaleem.com) –
Usama thought that there was a better way for students to apply to universities and colleges. He went out and found funding and percevered to bring the best website which lists courses and degrees offered by universities that students can all apply from one place. Usama is an edupreneur to watch!

Saad K. Kazi – Filmpreneur of the Year
Saad worked hard with his team to bring the 60 second film festival. Highlighting social issues through film Saad and his team bring positive change to society.

Nasir Mahmood- Govpreneur of the Year
Nasir is a man committed to helping his government bring a massive change to help serve his people better. The govpreneur is always looking to help serve people through his organisation

Azeem Saifi- Webpreneur of the Year 2013
Azeem is a true believer in webpreneurship. The commitment and dedication means he is our webpreneur of the year.

Angela Stevens – Musicpreneur of the Year
Angela is passionate about teaching music and through her website

Kamran Rizvi – Leaderpreneur of the Year
Kamran has been creating leaders for a few decades and the Sc

Omar Kawas – Event organiser of the year
If there is one guy that knows how to show people a good time than it is Omar Kawas. With his amazing people skills he handles all the events for Time Out regionally. With a long history of putting together large scale concerts Black Eyed Peas, Julio Englasias, Jamarioqui, Shaggy, Lauren Hill, Lionell Hill, Shean Paul

Mohammad Iftekhar Yezdani – Cartoonpreneur of the Year
Yezdani believes that we need more positive role models and his passion is to bring those to his part of the world. A committed individual working in the media industry.

Alexis Sullivan / Judith Ravin / Jennifer InPakistan – Linkpreneurs of the Year
Working tirelessly across the year in a country many thousand miles away from their homes to bring a better relationship and connections of entrepreneurs across the world. The U.S. Embassy Pakistan continues to sponsor thousands of students through scholarships as well as give out millions of dollars in grants to help emerging countries like Pakistan learn to help themselves improve their citizens lives. You can apply for a grant of upto $500,000 to help promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan as well as strengthen US-Pakistan ties: http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=249984.

Soraya ChiahSoraya Chiah- Tourism Website of the Year Guia em Dubai
Soraya came to one of our Webpreneur Camps in 2010 and from having never setup a website and knowing nothing technical – within 6 months she was able to quit her job working as an administrator in a bank and setup her business. She now has 7 full-time employees and 25 freelance employees offering tourism services to Brazilians visiting Dubai.

Adil Usman
Isa Broderick – Logistics CEO of the Year (http://www.capstargroup.com/)
Isa came to the middle east from Canada. Seeing the opportunities in the field of logistics and Supply Chain he saw that his company could help solve the logistics problems that come to clients in the Middle East, letting them focus on their core competency. Isa has build up a strong team and CapstarGroup has gone from strength to strength growing every year to start dominating the world of logistics.

Wajahatullah Khan – Chief Technology Officer of the Year
Wajahatullah works tirelessly late into the night and on weekends to help bring you the best Webpreneur Academy platform possible. This is not just about building a website but is also about customer support, accounts and a bunch of other thins. His commitment to his team and the ability to lead and serve makes him a true leader and deserving of the CTO of the year award.

Akhtar Qureshi- Incubation Setup Person of the Year
Akhtar Quereshi was instrumental in setting up and managing the successful Technology Incubation Center in NUST. His commitment to his role has helped hundreds of startups come through the gates of NUST and use the help of NUST when they need it the most in their early years. He was key in bringing Webpreneur Academy to also be based at the TIC, NUST.

Fatima Mustafa – Chef of the Year
Fatima has a passion for making people happy through food. She can cook recipes that few around the world can match. Choosing to keep her talents to an exclusive high end clientelle Fatima is taking on the role as the leading chef of the middle east. In a world of top tier chefs where men traditionally dominate, Fatima has taken the trophy in serving the world amazing food.

Omar Anzur – Edupreneur of the Year
Omar founded WorldAcademy.TV a revolutionary platform for learning through the internet. This is probably the best platform for teaching and learning through the web. Omar has been busy recruiting the best brains around the world possible to bring the best in the world education and learning experience to the internet.

Zahid Hussain – PHP Developer of the Year
Zahid is the quickest and best developer of websites using PHP. He has built file tracking systems, inventory systems, school management systems in record time with amazing ease of use.

Sajid Shah – Education Solution Providers of the Year (www.stepnexs.com)
Stepnexs is the leading provider of education solutions in the world. They provide biometric attendance systems, GPS software, call center outsourcing. These are the reliable partners of choice for any organization just wanting to get innovation delivered!

Rafiq Khattak – Education Director of the Year (www.kpese.gov.pk)
If you want to meet a selfless person working in the field of education than meet Rafiq. With over 127,000 teachers to manage Rafiq’s phone is constantly sent SMS and phone calls. He is in demand everywhere and he manages to somehow respond to everyone. A true committed educationalist.

Omar Kawas- Event organizer of the year
If there is one guy that knows how to show people a good time then it is Omar Kawas. With his amazing people skills he handles currently handles all the events for Time Out Group and Arabian Business publications in the Middle East and Gulf regions. With a long history of putting together large scale concerts such Black Eyed Peas, Julio Iglasias, Jamiroquai, Shaggy, Lauran Hill, Lionell Richie, Sean Paul as well as introducing all the big name international DJs to Dubai, he is currently focused on more corporate affairs.

Fawad Shahawad Shah – NGOpreneur of the Year
Fawad knows how to get things done in a tough environment. Based out of UNICEFs offices in Peshawar Fawad deals with multiple suppliers, governements as well as his internal organisation to bring together people to make things happen!

Sajid Baloch – Best education to the underprivelaged (www.becs.gov.pk)
Sajid Baloch and his team have been busy putting together the infrastructure and systems in place so that over 500,000 children that do not have access to a physical school can be served through a community school.

Taimur Malik/Adil Ali – Fitness Gym of the Year (Forme’ Fitness)
Taimur/Adil are the cofounders of Forme’ Fitness which provides a new holistic way of getting in shape which is outside the conventional training methods.

Qaisar Alam – Education Intrapreneur of the Year
Qaisar knows how to make things happen. Leading the school reforms in his province for 28,500 schools Qaisar has served his country to bring the best in education to the public school sector.

Shehryar Qureshi – Best Emerging Fashion House
Shehryar has been busy with his team setting up the best in the world of fashion.

@siaffullah Khalil – Technologist of the Year
Saiffullah brings techology to better serve the people of KPK.

Widad Shahid – English teacher of the Year
Widad serves people across the world with her amazing english skills.

David Shattu
@arshad javed – Public school principal of the year
He just wants the best for his students and faculty.

@saira Jabeen – Jewellerypreneur of the Year
Bringing the best in jewellery to the world.

Moeen Gillani
Fadi Ghandour – Social Media CEO of the Year
What can you say about the man that has built up the Middle East’s most successful company – aramex and now spends his time helping other entrepreneurs in the region except that this is the ultimate role model CEO – making waves in the world and teaching other Arabs and people in his part of the world that they too can build up world class companies that will be the best in the world, not just the local market.

Obaid Saleem- Telecom Strategist of the Year
There are few that can beat Obaid’s insights into the world of Telecoms. Having advised some of the leading companies in the world including Nokia, Motorolla, Zong – Obaid has the understanding from the handset manufacturers to the telecom operators. He has the vision to see where the industry is heading and a great network of friends in almost every company that you can imagine. Obaid is the go to person for the Telecoms industry.

ZunNurain Khalid – Security Event of the Year (Cyber Secure Pakistan)
Zunnurain knows not only how to arrange corporate events but has now garnered the ever more important cyber security niche of the world. Bringing together trainers and sponsors from around the world to push the field of Cyber Security forward globally.

Nishat Riaz – Travelpreneur of the Year
Travelling tirelessly across the world to bring the best in global education to Pakistan, Nishat brings global ideas to global places. Her organisation is committed to serving people through education.

Ernesto Verdugo – Internet Coach of the Year
If there is one man that can truly be credited with bringing the internet craze to the middle east, it is Ernesto Verdugo. Knowledge doesn’t travel across the world at the same speed and Ernesto saw the opportunity and brought leading edge internet marketing practices from the West to the East. Creating many webpreneurs that followed him in his footsteps. I am one of his students and everything behind Webpreneur Academy can only really be credited to myself paying a few thousand dollars to have made the best investment in my life on getting Ernesto’s training.

Salahuddin Khan – IT Director of the Year
Running the IT systems for 28,500 schools is not easy and yet Salahuddin manages the technology department for the Government of KPs education system. This is a committed person to the world of education and technology.

Fahim Farid & Omer Khalid Anwar – Media Production Services Provider of the Year (https://www.facebook.com/RoadCrewMedia)
RoadCrew Media is the company of choice for professionals that want their events covered by reliable and committed media professionals.

Mansoor Khan – Business Lecturer of the Year
With experience at working for organisations such as MTV, Oxfam and the Government of Dubai, Mansoor has the experience and the passion to teach the world about business. His students include senior executives from companies such as Cisco, HSBC, Barclays. If you want to learn about how to improve your business – Mansoor is the man to go to!

@Carol Talbot – Mindset Teacher of the year (http://www.matrix-training.com/nlp.aspx)
Every entrepreneur needs to have the right mindset to be able to survive the inevitable “oh sh!t” moments. Carol and the team at The NLP Matrix including Wendy Shaw provide the best training possible teaching people the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I also got the courage to finally go ahead and follow my own dream of Webpreneur Academy by attending her amazing trainings. If you want to take your life to the next level, The Matrix Training is the place to go to.

Brian Tracy – Goal-setting Teacher of the Year (www.briantracy.com)
Brian is simply the creator of millionaires. He teaches the best ethics and productivity techniques to help people take their own selves and their businesses to the next level. Whether you can attend his live trainings or simply download one of his hundreds of audiobooks and courses, you will never find a better trainer than Brian to help you get the results you need.

Stéphane Doutriaux – Networkpreneur of the Year (www.poken.com)
With who you know being one of the biggest assets of your life, Stephane and his team have invented probably the easiest and best method to connect to people in the world. You can poken people at events so that your contact details are automatically exchanged. Those that know how to use social networks well will win in the internet economy. If you are in the events industry you need to have Poken at your events.

Mark Zuckerberg – End Brandism Technologist of the Year
Just as Nelson Mandela helped improve the lives of millions of people, Mark Zuckerberg and his team will help improve the lives of billions of people. Through technologies like facebook borders and distances disappear. No discrimination happens so that only people that live in and around Los Angeles end up winning the Oscars. The Webpreneur Academy awards were able to be digitally distributed to cities like Tokyo, Sydney, Peshawar, Dubai, New York, London, Geneva at the same time at the same cost. The cost to fly people around the world to collect their awards would have been phenomenal. The communal experience we can have by thanking, congratulating and

Usman Pasha Siddiqui – Best Microproduct of the Year (http://www.ausomatic.com/)
Usman setup ausomatic to help create a smoother admissions process for schools and universities. His innovation in a specific field of education is helping thousands of students have a smoother time getting into Universities.

Atiq Ur Rehman KhattakDavid Siteman Garland – Mediapreneur of the Year (http://www.therisetothetop.com/about-rise/)
David has worked hard to figure out the best ways to monetize knowledge. You can go through his awesome courses to learn to take your mediapreneur empire to the next level.

Ted Cremin – Project Manager of the Year
Managing teams from around the world to bring a level of service and deliverability that few can touch.

Jason Bates – Health Appreneur of the Year
Developing amazing apps that help people in the health field.

Bex Edwards- Yogapreneur of the Year
With retreats out to Ibiza as well as the holistic approach to wellness, Bex Edwards dominates the world of personal development of where the body, mind and soul meet.

Shabaz Sharif – Chief Minister of the Year
Shabaz works hard to bring innovations and improvements to his people. The Metro Bus system was a major innovation to help the transport of the city of Lahore. Distributing over 400,000 laptops means that the world is likely to get more webpreneurs from his province of Punjab. Webpreneur does not do politics but we do support those that are in power and making a difference.

Phil Bedford- Referral Marketer of the Year (http://therebelnetworker.com/)
Undoubtedly the master of teaching people how to refer business to each other. Phil is much sought out after for his ability to teach businesses how to grow their sales without spending an extra penny on marketing expenses.

Gautam Ganglani – Education Seminarpreneur of the Year (http://rightselection.com/)
Along with his father Ram Ganglani, Gautam is passionate about bringing the world of personal development to the masses. Right Selection not only dominates the world of personal development in the Gulf by bringing in big name speakers such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Tony Buzan but now also have expanded their reach by bringing amazing talent to India and the rest of the subcontinent as well.

Shehryar Aziz – Financial Analyst of the Year
Shehryar can run numbers and analysis like very few people in the world. His gift is to analyse businesses.

Ijaz Nisar – Magazine of the Year
Businesses need promotion and Ijaz has worked tirelessly to bring not only Manager Today but also CEO Awards. He is truly helping the businesses of the world grow.

Iftikhar Hussain – Sales Conference Organizer of the Year
Bringing SalesCon over was no easy feat. Getting sponsors, speaker and participants to come create an industry is a major achievement.

Farhan Masood – Biometricpreneur of the Year
Farhan is a leading edge thinker in the world of technology. If you want to be successful in tech you need to follow Farhan.

Umar Saif – Givepreneur of the Year
Dr. Umar helped settup Plan 9 a leading tech incubator as well as setup Pujab IT University. He is the man behind many innovations in the city of Lahore which will eventually make their way to the rest of the world. These awards were precisely setup to give credit and promote people like Dr. Umar.

Serena Shamash – Restauranteur of the Year
Eat Me is the restaurant of choice for those that ever visit Lausanne, Switzerland. Serena’s experience at BCG Consulting and General Mills helped her gain the business experience to setup the best restaurant in the world.

Ammar Jaffri / Fozia Nausheen – Womenedupreneurs of the Year
Ammar Jaffri and Fozia bring the best education to remote girls. www.evillage.org.pk.

Nouman Khan – Webpreneur Media of the Year
Trust nouman to be there with his camera to tag and upload us throughout the web. He has the heart to help Webpreneur grow.

Nouman Ubaid – Translator of the Year
Starting out with Pashto translations, Nouman has served his clients to ensure on time and accurate translations.

@Aniqa Manzur – Believer of the Year
When I first lectured 500 teachers at Roots. Only one took the step to signup to my online course. My systems were not in place so she chased me to try and pay me for the course. She studied it. Then during the summer when I could not afford to take anyone on she said she would work for free – she isn’t interested in a salary she said she wants a partnership. I couldn’t afford to pay her what she can earn she says. She gets into meetings that I don’t have the guts to get into (and I teach sales!). Belief will get you far in life.

@Daniel Priestley – Influencer of the Year (www.keypersonofinfluence.com)
Daniel is not only a super successful business man but also a teacher of businesspeople. His Key Person of Influence talks and seminars will help you to position yourself as the influential person in people’s lives.

Atif Khan – Education Minister of the Year
Atif Khan has the commitment to serve his people and works late into the evenings to ensure the schools in his province are in a better state than when he became education minister. Trying to bring the best talent to his community.

Robert Cialdini – Greatest impact on world of influence
Robert has written probably the greatest book on influence ever written: Influence Science and Practice Robert B Cialdini. His 6 key principals of influence should be mandatory reading.

Khayyam Khan – Cousin of the Year
Impacted by serious cashflowitus in getting Webpreneur off the ground in the early days, I could not figure out who to call as had used the immediate family card too many times. Khayyam Khan came to the rescue sending over a few thousand dollars which allowed me to meet payroll. As they say the first investors are likely to be the three Fs (friends, family and fools)….

Le Wrobo – Electrician of the Year
Serving the people of Peoria Greg Wroblewski brings them the best electrical solutions in the world. As well as managing the super succesful band Highway J.

Waqas Khan – Accountant of the Year
A talent for numbers Waqas can help any business keep its finances under control.

Fareeha Khan – Banker of the Year
Fareeha knows the world of banking and has spent over a decade serving clients with their banking needs.

Usama Tauqeer – Designer of the year
The webpreneur academy logo was designed by Usama.

moeen gillani – speaker of the year
Ability to speak and motivate the crowd.

sol kiani – Investment Person of the Year

rehan Allahwalla – Jobpreneur of the year
Creating thousands of jobs through www.rehantasks.com as well as his other ventures. 1 million businesses and

mansoor nasir – Sports producer of the year

Umer Toor – Sportspreneur of the year.
Bringing the World Boxing Championship to a new country is no easy feat!

Shandana Gulzar Khan – clothespreneur of the Year
The best in clothes.

Amina Sadaf – Alliancepreneur of the Year
Helping entrepreneurs through alliances.

Azhar Rizvi – Business Planpreneur of the Year
Helping entrepeneurs put on paper what they want to bring to reality.

Sanna Choudhary – Facilitatorpreneur of the Year
Facilitating entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses.

Salman absar – Innovationpreneur of the Year
Helping push innovations through the ecosystems.

Seth Godin – Blogger of the Year

Dawn – News website of the Year

Fasi Zaka – Career Guidance Show of the Year

Amina Javaid – Fincancepreneur of the Year
Bringing the best in finance to the businesses of the world.

shazar anis – Android App Developer of the Year
Shazar can develop apps to a level that other coders can only dream about. The Webpreneur app as well as the upcoming contacts app (we think the way contacts are handled is still very old school on phones!) set Shazar apart.

Naqash Malik – Developer of the Year
Naqash has done more to bring an education platform into reality than I could in 4 years of working on it. I tried moodle, wordpress, blackboard and many more softwares to try and bring a great experience not only for learners but for

david Shattu – IT support Services company of the year

Haani Hasnain – Lifecoach of the Year

Mike Patterson – Financial Coach of the Year

Ashraf Chaudhry – Sales Trainer of the Year

Ashraf Iqbal – Course of the Year
Bringing education through technology Dr. Ashraf has the course that you need to register for if you want to have a huge impact on society.

Tayyaiba Ahmad- Mother of the Year
Success, fame, ups, downs, losing money, tired, exhaused, happy whatever stage you are at in life having a mother that you know will always love and support you makes the job of an entrepreneur that much easier to get done. To the mother of the year that I know will be there no matter what the outcome of my events, awards, businesses or life.

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