You can reach out to us at and apply to appear on the podcast. Also, it’s better to give us a little bit of information about yourself, for example your reason for wanting to be on the podcast, your expertise and background etc. This helps us filter candidates that might be a great fit for our show and our target audience. Thank you!

In the meanwhile, here are some tips we think will help you prepare and perform on the show.

Pre podcast:


During podcast:


Post podcast:
Once you are done with podcast, you might think its all done. It might be true for other podcasts. But we’re unique in our approach. Our way of saying thank you is different.

And the way we do this is we give a link to our guests that they can promote and if someone ends up buying any of our products and services we can track and honor 25% commission to you plus 10% discount to the one who buys. So for example, Amir’s coaching program is $1000, you’ll get $250 and the one who buys it will get $100 discount.

Now it doesn’t end here. We understand not everyone will have a huge following to monetize but they can find out people who has it. So, in that case, if you know an influencer and can convince them to promote our services to their following and if someone buys that influencer will get 25% and you’ll get 10% for every sale made.

The possibilities are endless, and the potential is massive. If any of this sounds your cup of tea, we encourage you to hop on our Affiliates page and make a FREE account because we can’t have a lot of affiliates in our backend as this would break our system.

So, make your FREE account while you still can and then figure out the strategy later.

Click here to get started.

Best of luck!

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