Harvard MBA vs Webpreneur Camp – An Unbiased Review

Do you want better options for your future? Are you thinking about doing an MBA?

Below is an unbiased* review of if you should go for an MBA or attend Webpreneur Camp in Dubai this weekend (Friday 23rd /24th July).

*disclosure – I am the Dean of Webpreneur University so this might or might not have influenced the review.

1. Return on Investment

Harvard MBA takes 2 years out of your life and costs you over $100,000.  Webpreneur Camp takes 2 days and your investment is only $550.

Are the chances greater that you can generate $1,100 from your investment in the next year from learning about using the internet and social media or of generating $200,000 extra a year after graduating from Harvard?

Jobs always have a ceiling on what you can earn.

Winner:  Webpreneur Camp

2.  Risk
Harvard gives you no money back guarantees. Once you deposit your money and if you don’t like what you learned, too bad.

Webpreneur Camp comes with a 100 % money back guarantee – you don’t like what you learned, you can ask for a full refund.

 Winner: Webpreneur Camp

3.  Barriers to Entry

Harvard and the other MBA schools put up barriers to prevent you from entering their schools. To get an MBA you need to be between 23 – 35 (bad luck if you happen to be 48 and got the study bug). You need to complete a bunch of essays that you can show the world how cool you are. You need to sit through GMAT exams to prove you are smart -what would happen if Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs got a 400 on their GMATs – are they not leadership material?.

Webpreneur Camp makes it easy to enter. Simply invest the $550 and come in. We don’t care what grades you got in high school.  Or if you have a bachelors degree.  We want to make education accessible to as many people as possible.  And if you can’t afford it right now (a few people that BADLY wanted to attend have recently lost their jobs etc) than speak to us about some sort of payment plan (e.g. $200 for the next 3 months). We want those that are committed and dedicated to not have a reason not to attend.  You just need the mindset to attend.

Winner:  Webpreneur Camp

4.  Ability to Market Yourself

You are a brand.  The university you go to and everything else about you says something.  As the joke goes:

“How do you know if someone went to Harvard Business School?  Because they will tell you they went to Harvard Business School”.

Webpreneur Camp ensures that you don’t need to name drop Webpreneur University at the next cocktail party. The world will simply see the results as you are more marketable through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and your own websites.  Whether it be to attract your partner for life, your next job or your next client – if you know how to use the internet properly you can get to your goals faster.

 Winner: Webpreneur Camp

5.  Measure of Success

One key criteria of success for MBA schools is what percentage of their students get jobs within 3 months of graduation.

Success to Harvard is when someone joins Goldman Sachs or McKinseys where they work even crazier hours to help someone else make money in exchange for a pay cheque. Too scared to quit their job and lose their income.  Almost zero control of their creativity or of their time.

Webpreneur University doesn’t target itself on how many people become entrepreneurs, how many quit jobs but instead of how many are truly following their dreams. The web makes your ability to reach your goals faster, quicker and bigger.

Winner: Webpreneur Camp

6.  Quality of Faculty

In order to teach at Harvard you need a PhD.  Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein could not teach at Harvard as they don’t even have a bachelors degree.  Webpreneur Camps on the other hand welcome entrepreneurs to teach – no matter if they have a “Dr.” in front of their name or not.

At a university if you put in enough years you get “tenure”. When you get tenure you basically can not get fired. Hate your job and your students. You still get to keep your job.

Webpreneur University “outsources” its faculty. These are all entrepreneurs working for themselves and running their own business. Who can teach better about entrepreneurship and the mindset of an entrepreneur – a teacher on a steady pay cheque or true entrepreneurs?

Winner: Webpreneur Camp

7.  Incentives
Harvard MBA students are graded on a curve. So the more you help your colleagues the worse it is for your grade. The whole system is setup as a competition. There are a limited number of jobs at the investment banks so help your colleagues too much and you might lose out on a job.

When at Harvard, do not help thy neighbor otherwise you will get a worse grade and a worse job.

Webpreneur Camp teaches you that the more you help people around you the more you will get back from the world.   That the internet and the world is full of abundance – just because someone buys from my website doesn’t mean they won’t buy from yours.  The camp is designed so that you understand how to help people around you and how to use the internet to leverage that.

 Winner: Webpreneur Camp

8.  Discrimination

To get into a Harvard MBA you need to be between the ages of 23 and 35. You were goofing around in high school?  Too bad – you won’t get in.  Happen to be from Iran – most likely your visa won’t be approved by Uncle Sam to attend the university.

The GMAT entrance exams test your English and your mathematics skills.  If your mother tongue isn’t English you are at a serious disadvantage.

Webpreneur Camp does not discriminate on your age, your high school grades or your ability to pass a GMAT test.

Winner:  Webpreneur Camp

9.  Age

Harvard was founded in 1636 – before the time that the light bulb, telephones, railroads or the internet was invented.  Webpreneur University was born a decade after the dot com bubble busted.  Who is likely to have more enthusiasm to teach great content, the old folks that joined an existing institution or the younger entrepreneurs that want to go out and change the world.

Even good wine expires after a couple of hundred years.

Winner: Webpreneur Camp

10.  Access to the New World

East Coast of America is a great place. But is the world economy not moving towards Asia? Dubai is next to Abu Dhabi and other oil rich places. Within 4 hours flight is India and its 1 billion population. The Middle East has a huge youth population looking to enter the world of work. Could it possibly be that the new rich will come from the east rather than the west?

Try getting a visa to the United States on a Afghani/Iranian/Iraqi/Pakistani passport. Uncle Sam does not want you to get educated in America. Webpreneur Camp wants to “end brandism” and does not care about the color of your passport.  Harvard isn’t moving out of Massachusetts in a hurry – Webpreneur Camp is coming to a village near you.

Winner: Webpreneur Camp

11.  Coolness of Dean

The dean of Harvard got there as she worked her way through the politics of academic life. She spent decades saying the right things to the right people and got elected. Its not her university and she can get fired anytime. She works for somebody else.

The dean of Webpreneur Camps got there by having a passion to teach people about the internet. Decided that 5 years out of life in order to get a PhD was not a cool thing to do to be able to teach. He can’t really get fired as he owns the domain name.  And he just happens to be an amazingly charming and charismatic guy with an ability to write like Shakepeare.  His modesty levels are also low.

 Winner: Webpreneur Camp


There you have it.  It’s official.  The unbiased review has picked the winner:

Webpreneur Camp: 11 – Harvard University: 0

Webpreneur Camp:  The best thing to come out of the Middle East since the discovery of the two humped camel.

I’ve called up the Dean of Harvard and the people are scrambling around looking to see if they should bother opening up the MBA program next year.

Don’t miss out on Webpreneur Camp this weekend.  You want to be a part of the alumni of something special.  Come!  You can pay by cash or check at the door.  Registration starts at 8.30 am on Friday 23rd June. Class begins at 9.30 sharp.  This will be a weekend you will not want to miss!

  • Location:  Block 1, Conference Center, Knowledge Village, Dubai
  • Date/Time:  Registration 8.30 – 9.30 – Knowledge Village
  • Payment:  $550 (AED 2,020) Cash or Cheque accepted at the door.
  • Awesomeness:  Guaranteed.
  • Bring:  Your laptop.  The mindset for change.  Written goals from what you are looking to achieve from the weekend.

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