Help! I’ve Developed Bossitus

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Boss's are Over-rated

I’ve just figured out something.  Having a Boss sucks.  It’s so risky.  Your whole existence in the world depends on pleasing one person.  If you don’t please the boss you get a crap rating on your yearly review or maybe even lose your job.  It doesn’t matter if you were the super-star that brought in a thousand new customers, your suppliers loved you or your colleagues loved you.  Your boss is what counts.

If you think that entrepreneurship is risky than how about going 40 years of your working career with different bosses.  What are the chances you will always love your boss? Ultimately you will always have a boss in the corporate world.  It’s not your company!

If you have the following symptoms:

– Hate being told what to do by someone that simply joined the company a few years before you or is a little older than you (and hence more “experienced”)

– Living life on someone else’s terms and rules

– Having to kiss up to a single person constantly

– Dealing with the politics of having to be liked by a single person

Than you might have early signs of “bossitus”.  This is a good thing.  Bossitus leads you to try out other things in life.  To focus on starting your own business.

Your own business is the remedy to “bossitus”.  I urge you to do something to get rid of your bossitus.  You might stumble a few times.  You might go through a rough patch.  But not dealing with Bossitus leads to a slow death.  A life with no meaning.  A life of following orders.

Having your own business doesn’t mean that you ultimately get rid of the “boss”.  But you have multiple clients and you can choose not to work with certain people.  It is a LOT less risky than staying where you are staying.

You need Bossitus insurance and your own business is the only cure.

Webpreneur Academy will be teaching you how to start your own business online.  From e-commerce, to affiliate marketing and making money through YouTube – there are over a thousand ways to make money online.  Never in history has it been as attractive to work for yourself as it is today.  The internet brings down the cost of starting up a business and gives you the ability to reach customers across the world.

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Amir Anzur


  1. Amen, Amir! In 20+ years of employment, I could never figure out why I was unsatisfied at work. The common denominator is “the boss”. I frequently liked my boss – it was just the idea of HAVING a boss I object to. As an entrepreneur, I am so much happier, fulfilled and creative than I’ve ever been!

    1. Awesome to hear Donna – you are right, living life on your own terms is much more fulfilling!

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