Help! I’ve Hot PowerPointitus

Somebody has to have a cure.  I need one urgently.  I’m sick of PowerPoint.  Business used to be about relationships.  People talking to each other, discussing things and resolving issues.

Now its about who can make things look pretty while staring at a computer all day.  Emailing it to someone else who will change a few colors and fonts and then approve or disapprove.

Every idea I have has to be PowerPointed – so I stop telling organizations that I work for any new ideas – I don’t want my PowerPointitus to get worse.

I’m dreaming of working with people that want to listen to ideas and simply make them happen.  To skip the stages where my PowerPointitus gets worse.

To go back to the good old days where you looked someone in the eye while discussing an idea – not at a computer screen with font so small you can’t see.  Or documents so long you can’t stay awake.  I’m wondering how Julius Caesar built the Roman empire without having a copy of Microsoft Office.

If you have the solution for PowerPointitus, please call me urgently – I need to order 14 bottles for myself and another 948 cartons for my colleagues.

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