How Being a Good Partyer Helped Me In Life

In my teenage years and my 20s I was one of those guys that was the last to leave the club. I used to love meeting people and having a laugh and waiting for the bouncers to clear out the club. 


I didn’t think much of these activities as a “skill” to have in life. It is in my 40s and my post-drinking days that I noticed I would still go to a networking event and be one of the last to leave the event. I really enjoyed talking to people. Not usually as much meet everyone type of guy but meet two or three people and start a deep conversation about a certain topic. 

Partying is a great skill to have in life. You can learn more. You don’t need to do drugs or drink alcohol but you simply need to be interested in people. To get out of your own head of “what will people think of me” to “I wonder what is interesting about this person and what can I learn from them”. 


Partying skills have led me to be able to meet people from different cultures in different parts of the world. Partying skills have led me to ask for a sale after building a relationship. Partying skills have made me good friends in life, some of whom have turned into clients, others into suppliers, others into mentors or simply just friends. 


Partying is often overlooked. Colleges look for students with a 4.0 Grade Point Average but I think we should also work on having at least a 3.2 Party Point Average. 


If you haven’t found what you are looking for. Tend to go socialize and meet people and that is what you are good at then do not worry, as partying is also a great skill in life to have. 

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