How I Became Awesome

Amir Anzur Is Awesome
Amir Anzur Is Awesome

Big headed. I know. But this is the true story of how I became awesome:

Step 1: Figured out when I wasn’t happy.

Step 2: Spent many years finding myself through reading books, traveling, life coaches, attending educational courses, hanging out with random people, taking random jobs, making new friends and living in different cities.

Step 3: Made a ton of mistakes and did a significant amount of stupid stuff.

Step 4: Got rid of everything and learned to live with nothing.

Step 5: Got a purpose in life more than just myself.

Step 6: Learned to tame the critical voices both external and internal.

Step 7: Became grateful for what I had and appreciated that I had to go through the valleys in order to enjoy the plateaus and the peaks.

Step 8: Built up a dream and started chasing it.

Step 9: Posted out to the world to remind myself, in case I ever go through a valley again (which fortunately is inevitable in life), how awesome I am.

“Everything always works out okay in the end. If everything is not okay, it isn’t the end.” Anon.

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  1. Kamran

    Hi Amir! Remember me? We met in Abu Dhabi. Write me! Stay awesome.

    1. Good to reconnect virtually Kamran!

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