How I Made My First $600 From Facebook

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Or for the readers, here is a more detailed version:

I finally did it!  I finally made a bit of money on the internet.  This post will show you exactly how I earned my first paycheck from the internet and the learnings that you can take away from it.

First thing was I thought I needed a product to sell.  I’ve got a few in the pipeline, but nothing was ready yet.  So, how could I make money when I had nothing of my own?

You might have heard about – where people making a living online came from across the globe to teach some of their techniques on 20/21 Nov in Dubai.  The cost for the event was $397.

I became an ‘affiliate’ for the event.  By doing this I got a special link to promote.  For every sale that I could generate I would make $200.  Yes – over 50 % of the ticket price went to me, the marketer.

I didn’t need to send a resume or to pass a job interview – businesses online are looking for people to help them sell their product.  If I sold 100 tickets I would make $20,000.  If I sold nothing, I would make nothing.  My grades in school, my age or my nationality didn’t matter – just my ability to market the event.  Could you ask for anything more fair?

First thing I did is I simply went to, a url shortening site, and got the URL which simply forwarded to

I then went on facebook ( and posted the status:

“Just booked my ticket for event on 20th/21st Nov in Dubai. The best of the web/entrepreneurial world are going to be there – book yours and learn how to get out of the rat race….: “.

I went on twitter ( and posted:

“Just bought my ticket for internet marketing event in Dubai (Nov 20/21). Get yours and get out of the rat race:

The reason I love is that it allows you to track how many people clicked on a link of yours.   As you can see, I got 56 clicks from these simple actions alone: traffic

Then my phone started to ring as my friends that were tired of their corporate jobs and were looking to get out of the rat race wanted to find out if it was worth attending the event.  As I was already taking coaching from Ernesto, and I had followed quite a few of the speakers, I knew it was going to be worth it – so I told them “yes, definitely”.

The most exciting sale was my first sale.  I had a friend that clicked through and bought.  He emailed me and told me that he bought a ticket.  I was new to selling and still had the mindset to get over.  I called the friend and explained that I was making a commission and that I would give him back $100 (I also updated my Facebook status to make the commission part clear).  He told me to keep the money as I had worked for it by spending the time on marketing the event.  If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t have found out about it.  This gave me a big boost.

I then thought I had $200 to play with – how could I sell more?  I went on Facebook and tried to buy $200 worth of ads.  These are the ads that appear on the right sidebar and you can target them by geography or age group.  Here is the copy I wrote:

Learn to earn online

Webpreneurs from around

the world will be

teaching how they make

money from the web.  Nov

20/21 in Dubai.

Unfortunately, Facebook rejected my ads.  I couldn’t figure out why – apparently something in clause 5 of facebook ad guidelines.  I let you know this as you might have similar issues on your first Facebook ad campaign.  Something, I hadn’t expected.  I didn’t have time to mess around and appeal the decision so I ditched the Facebook idea (for this time).

Another simple technique I learned from Ernesto’s coaching was about ‘naked urls’.  I invested $10 in the domain “” and had it forwarding to  This made it a “less suspicious” domain and people were more likely to forward it  – rather than the actual domain – in which case I would not receive a commission (although the customers would pay the same price.).

I called up a charity I volunteer for ( and told them that if they would email their list and if anyone bought and sent me the email receipt I would donate the $200 to them.  I thought of this idea too late so we weren’t able to get the permission from the brand management in time (all charities should manage their brand and so should not promote things they don’t want to be associated with).  But at least I know for next time I can help raise money for causes through affiliate marketing.

I was upfront about the commissions I was making though and even posted an article on my blog on “how to make money  on the internet – affiliate marketing” – so that others could learn and even try out the same.  I am moving away from using the internet simply as a hobby to now making a living from it- so now as I grow my followers, they will understand that some of the things that I promote, I make money from – obviously, I will never promote things that I don’t think will benefit people (otherwise I will damage my own brand).

I knew from previous sales experience that a customer has to hear about something 7 times before they go ahead and purchase.  So I started to post more regularly on my blog.  I followed the end of my posts with a “remember to go to” post.

My idea was to do posts in The Gulf News and other offline media and drive traffic to the url.  This time though I ran out of time – I didn’t get a chance to hit the mass media.

The total for this was 3 * $200 = $600.  Once Right Selection send me the check I will post you the picture of the money! 

Marketing takes time.  The 950 friends (over 800 are actual people that I have met in the real world) has taken me time to build.  My 3,000 followers on twitter also took some time.

As you can see my traffic isn’t massive (yet), but its growing.  If you want to get started visit and get your own blog (or website):

This time, my primary sales method was social media (facebook and twitter).  My blog helped but I get a lot more comments and traffic as I have linked it to my “notes” on facebook than on the actual site.  All my sales came through facebook (I’m not as heavy a user of twitter yet).

From the past few years I learnt a ton about the online world.  I read a lot about making money – but its a different ballgame of actually going out and making it happen.  The point of this post was not to simply promote and tell you how I made money on that event.  But its to teach you how more products will be marketed.  That it takes a team to make an event happen.  To get people to an event or to buy a product.  You will need to figure out ways to incentivate people to help you (e.g. as Ernesto had by giving me an incentive to help promote the event).

The team you can start to build by attending events like the one I just went to – you will definitely get is a better network of like-minded people at the event.  How many other people are “sacrificing” their weekend educating themselves, rather than spending it watching television?

Bring business cards – most of you will have a day job – like I do (hopefully did soon!) – and would like to keep things separate so just print out something on plain paper even with your details (e.g. Facebook, twitter).  Remember on the online world you don’t have to give the huge company image yet – you are going to be with people in the same boat.  Here is the simple template I am using for my business cards and simply printing on a normal A4 paper.  Remember connecting on face book is enough so just get a “vanity” URL and give that to people (e.g.

If there is one message from this post – its to start taking action.  Go to the seminar, learn the tools, but also start to make things happen.  It was nice of me to dream about making money online for the past few years but until I started to get proper coaching from Ernesto and actually took some action in selling something, all I had was a dream – my bank account still looked the same.

You can learn more about the web at  An MBA teaches you how to get a job and work for someone else – will teach you how to work for yourself.

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  1. Nice one Amir.

    Great to see you are out there and doing it.

    Kep up the good work…


    1. Amir Anzur

      Thanks Dave – got some interviews from the event coming up…..just figuring out the youtube stuff now.

      You are the one who got be started so thanks a lot for that!

      Looking forward to your new book – the CD was excellent.


  2. Georgios Blandos

    Good stuff Amir. Have you ever thought of being an affiliate for a betting/gambling web site? I have worked for a number of years in the industry and I am now working working for the largest betting exchange in the world Betfair. Do you know how much money affiliates make from different betting/gambling web sites. Once someone is signed via your web site you earn commission for ever from that web site without selling to them anything else.

    1. Amir Anzur

      Hey Georgios, am based out in the Middle East and am targeting a lot of the 1.3 billion muslim niche market as well as the subcontinent market. I can’t really start advertising for gambling sites – but yes I am aware that it is quite a lucrative market.

      I think most of my focus will be on educational affiliates – the ones that have seminars teaching about personal development or going online. Lets see how it goes – thanks for the suggestions, and as much as I love money, might have to turn down the gambling sites….sniff….sniff….


  3. Omar

    Amir – exciting story! thanks for sharing.

  4. PJ

    hey Amir,

    good one! I like the winning attitude and idea-generator for all the little marketing tips and tricks!

    talk to you soon!


  5. amiranzur

    Thanks PJ – its about trial and error….might as well let others know about what is and is not working for me….as its useful for your business as well.

    Thanks for your comment and catchup in a bit!


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