How To Be Fricking Rich

So you want to make money and be rich like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Well guess what?  You have to deliver value to the world.  The world rewards those that contribute something.  When you watch football, you don’t contribute anything to the world, so you don’t make any money.  When you watch a soap opera on television – that’s not going to make you rich either.

If, on the other hand, you are playing football and millions of people around the world are watching your skill on their television set, then you make a bucket load of money.  If you are an actresses that is performing for other people, than you make money too.

Bill Gates became fricking rich as he has helped a lot of people.  You are probably reading this blog post on some piece of software that he created and marketed a while ago.  The more people you can help and the bigger impact you can have on their lives, the richer you will be.

Oprah Winfrey became rich as she helped a lot of people too.  Through her “edutainment” programming, she became rich.

Reading the newspaper is probably not going to make you rich either – the world does not care about your views on politics.  So you get no rewards for dissing a president or supporting the opposition. If you can’t influence something (e.g. the football game you are watching on television) chances are you are not likely to make a lot of money through it.

America became the richest country in the world as Americans contributed the most to the global economy.  Airplanes, the internet, the telephone, the television, Coca-cola, the light bulb, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walt Disney, KFC, Pepsi – all provided to you in your part of the world by some American innovator.

And its not just about having the “brilliant” idea.  Its also about making it happen.  Taking out the time to market it.  An idea is useless unless you do something with it.

Japan became the second biggest economy as they also contributed – Sony, Toyota, Nintendo.

Richard Branson became rich as he helped a lot of people fly to places (Virgin Atlantic).  Or listen to music (virgin records).

The more you invest in your education and learning, the more you are likely to contribute.  And the more you will make.  Imagine if you knew how to get just 5 % more use out of the internet – would that not make you more productive?

You too can become fricking rich.  Figure out what you can contribute to the world and the world will reward you.


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  1. As we are all discussing How To Be Fricking Rich | Amir Anzur, If you ever think you do not know anything about finding wealthy, don’t get discouraged, we all have something to give though you can actually start by understanding one thing perhaps a business, trade, skill or service

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