How To Build A Customized Facebook Page For Your Business

Cool little functionality from Business Insider to enable me to embed their articles in my blog:

The bloggers wins as we get good content to put on our sites. Business Insider wins, as they get traffic from people like my good self. I wouldn’t put an ad for BusinessInsider on my site, but am happy to put content that helps my readers.  This in return builds their brand to my viewers.

Let me know what you think about this “strategy” for me and if I should find good content from around the web and put on my website or simply produce original work – which is a lot more time consuming and less likely to happen at regular intervals.

My only feature request to BusinessInsider would be if the readers could stay on my website for the entire content rather than having to click away…but its a good start for publishers to go down this strategy.

Anyway, I digress – here is the facebook article. And if you or your business are not using facebook than you are LOSING OUT BIG TIME. Over 400 million people are on facebook – so don’t you think you should use the same tools as what your customer/employees/suppliers are using to promote your business/organisation/cause?

People are moving away from television to spending that time on facebook – is your organisation taking advantage of facebook or acting like scarred wusses that don’t want to “risk their brand” with association with facebook…

Shock, horror – you might actually have to give your corporation a personality…

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