How To Clone Yourself

Do you ever wish there was more of you to go around?  You keep repeating the same messages over and over again.  Some people listen.  Some don’t.

If you have a service or product to sell and currently can do 10 meetings a day of which on average 1 converts.  You have to meet 100 people in order to make 10 sales.  If there was a single clone of you than you could double those sales.  And if there were 10 as many as you than you could make 10 times as much.

Lucky for you the internet is here.  You can clone yourself.  Instead of me telling one person about what I am telling you now – I have cloned myself on thousands of machines.  I only had to produce this content once and on all your machines it has come the same exact way that I have intended it to appear.

You can also make video or audio content which makes the cloning even better.  Why not get on the internet and start cloning yourself?  Or do you enjoy saying the same thing over and over again?

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Amir Anzur

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  1. Last one to utilize this is a rotetn egg!

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