How To Get Rid of Bossitus

A few years ago, I developed a disease called “Bossitus” – I simply did not like having a boss anymore.  It is a rare disease that some people develop early on in their careers.  These people are often known as “entrepreneurs”.

The symptoms of bossitus are as follows:

– Hates being told what to do and live life on someone else’s terms

– Allergic to defining “success” based on another person’s opinion that simply joined the company a few years earlier than concerned person

– Annoyed by having a ceiling of earnings potential

– Having mindset of scarcity as there are a limited number of jobs and limited number of promotions available

– Being told when to come in and when to go home

– Anxiously awaiting the end of month so salary can arrive or for weekend so can leave work and do something “fun”

– Allergy to spending life inside cubicles

– Knowing there is bigger and greater things to be done in life than creating PowerPoint presentations for “boss”

Bossitus is dangerous.  It has led me to many periods of my life being broke.  Failure in trying things that didn’t work according to initial plan.  Being made fun of by “friends and family” that thought I was crazy to leave high paying jobs.  And other “mischief” that “entrepreneurs” are known to go through early in their careers in order to find a cure for bossitus.

There are two ways to cure bossitus:

1.  Love what you do and respect those that you work for.  Any job is fine for this.

2.  Take the pill called “entrepreneurship”.  Start with a dream of what you want to make happen.  [Insert action oriented steps here].  Work your behind off.  And make it happen.

It might be easier to go down the “love your boss” route or go on living life simply by accepting the reduced fulfillment in life living with bossitus.


For me though, I’m happier that for all the “hardwork” that the entrepreneurship road meant for the shorter term, I’m finally able to say that I’m cured of bossitus.


Webpreneur Academy will be teaching you how to get rid of Bossitus.

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  1. That’s a smart way of looknig at the world.

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