How To Give Remote Access And Support Over The Internet

TeamViewer Interface
Team Viewer will Make Your Online Life a Less Frustrating

Having technical problems with you computer and you simply want someone (your nerdy teenage nephew or the office IT guy) to take over your computer and fix it rather than guiding you on the phone?
A solution I love using is TeamViewer. With TeamViewer you simply download the software and install (both parties need to install).  It is free, quick and easy.  Than you look at your ID and password (e.g. ID = “4389140” and password = “4952”) – these are assigned to your computer.  Your friend on the other side of the world can simply enter your ID and password and they can take over your computer.

I have a virtual assistant and anything a little too technical I ask her to take over my computer and solve for me.  You could use this for assisting your parents with their PowerPoint slides for instance.  It used to drive me insane to teach my mom “simple” things like creating a folder on Hotmail or changing the layout of a Microsoft Word file.  With TeamViewer I can simply ask her to give me her ID and password and take over the computer and show her exactly what I am doing.

The other feature that I love for productivity is Skype “Share Your Screen” which enables the other person to view my whole screen on video.  The only drawback is that they can not take over my screen to do everything, hence you still need TeamViewer.  For personal use TeamViewer is free and I have even used my iPhone to control my computer at home.

People are spending more and more time on their computers.  You don’t want to be frustrated figuring out a problem – simply get TeamViewer and be nice to your teenage nerdy nephews/kids or someone technical so that they can help you out with your technical problems – or be the nice person and help out your parents/uncles etc learn and fix their computer issues quicker.

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