How To Make A Free Website (Like This One)

You might want to start your own website.  You could use it to help you run a club, start a business or simply to build your own brand.

The good news is setting up a website is really easy and it’s FREE. I am using  If you can work your email software such as hotmail, gmail or yahoo than using wordpress to create your website (or “blog”) will also be easy for you.

Once you signup, you will get a free domain that you can give to people – e.g. (mine is and simply follow through and you will see how easy it is to create “posts” (like this one) or “pages” (like my “bio” page).  You can change your themes as well – I have gone for the simplistic one.

If you wish you can also purchase your own domain (e.g. through either or another host such as  This will cost you approximately $10 per year.  I would suggest though playing around with wordpress before taking out your credit card.

Some free alternatives to are:

  • – Google’s version, but I prefer using wordpress.
  • – has had good reviews but I haven’t used it myself.
  • – I have setup to try this out.  This is the simplest software that I have seen as you can post using your email.

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