How To Make Someone’s Day

I just got this email:

Subject: Love your Getting used to rejection 98 % of the time Posting
Message: Hey Amir, this posting is simply amazing! Congrats! Were you inspired by by chance?

This mail took less than 3 minutes for this person to write. But gave me a buzz for the past few hours. Enough of a buzz in fact that as I was about to go to bed I got the energy to write another post. Amazing how a simple few words can impact your mood. You see no matter what age you are, we are all simply just big kids. How great did it make you feel when a parent or a teacher told you your painting was fantastic or they enjoyed reading your book report?

We all look for significance and when someone likes or acknowledges what we have done we feel great about ourselves.

I’ve been in contact with musicians, artists, entrepreneurs a whole lot. I’m one of them. I know how it used to crush me when I would enthusiastically pitch my idea and how it was going to change the world and then someone would say “I don’t think it will work because….”. As I mentioned in my previous post I got used to it – and that you have to ignore everybody. And how much of a boost it would give me if someone had used my product or listened to my pitch and said “I love it”. It would give me the energy to work a whole weekend. Or stay up an extra hour.

Or when a boss at work simply said “great job – loved your report”. I felt great. It was like being in school and getting the gold star. A silly stupid gold star that is worth less than 5 cents but it made you feel great for a whole day or week.  As Napoleon said A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon”.

So just as you or I love receiving a compliment – lets not forget to give them out as well. If you have someone reporting to you – pay them a sincere compliment for something they do well. Watch how you brighten up their day. Or your boss does something well – let her know (bosses need loving too!).  Or your friend who is trying to make it as a photographer – let them know that you loved one of their photos.  Or your aunt that was trying to lose weight – let her know she is getting there.  Or simply your friend that changed her status on Facebook with something creative – simply hit the “like” button.  Just do something to acknowledge someone else – it will brighten up their day and give them the encouragement they need to keep going.

And if you are receiving a compliment – simply say “thank you”.  Don’t go for the “you are just being nice, you don’t mean it” reply.  Train yourself to take the complement and give the other person the pleasure of making you feel good!

So this post is dedicated to Roberto (R) and all the other people like him – the ones that take a little time out of their day to show their appreciation to others.  The ones that comment on a post or hit the “like” button on Facebook or give a 5 star rating on a YouTube video or write a good book review on amazon.  These are the people that give the writers/artists/entrepreneurs the boost that they need to write one more post, paint one more painting or try one more business. So thank you – I would like to use this post to acknowledge you!

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  1. Two thumbs up man.

    Miss ya

  2. Omar, “and one” – thanks for the comment and the link to that amazing site that you associated with your name….

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