How To Make Your First $500 Through The Internet This Weekend

Ever wondered how people make money through the web?  Did you know your email list/facebook/twitter friends are an asset for you?

Here is an opportunity to make a bit of cash through the web if you spend 5 minutes to take a bit of action.

I am putting on a FREE event on Saturday 3rd July at 3 pm to 6 pm in Knowledge Village in Dubai.

The event will teach people about the internet (e.g. how to setup an e-commerce store, how to use facebook, how people make money through the web).  At the end of the FREE three hour training I ask people if they want to join my coaching program.  The coaching program is $1,997.

If you tell your friends about the event.  They turn up to the event and some of them may opt for the services we offer – completely optional.  I will give you 25 % of what I make from the event (i.e. $500) for every sign-up that came because of you.  The coaching program comes with a 100 % money back guarantee so as long as they don’t ask for their money back you get the cash.  Trust me people will love the offer!

In order to do this deal you need to:

1.  Send an email to – Subject – “Affiliate Sign-up”
2.  Tell your friends/family etc to turn up to the event
3.  At the event if anyone signs up and enters your name in the “Where Did You Hear About Us” you make the affiliate commissions.

Not bad for simply telling a few people to turn up to Knowledge Village, 1st Floor, Block 1, Dubai on Saturday 3rd July at 3 pm.  This event is FREE.

And now you have learned some lessons on selling in the new economy or as its known “freemium“.  I give free content out as a part of my marketing.  People get to know, like and trust me.  A certain percentage go on to buy my products/services.  As you help me market you make a really good percentage – my costs are pretty much set – I have to do the seminar if one person or 100 turn up.  So I have to incentivate good people like yourself to help promote for us.  And as kindhearted as you are I’m sure the monetary rewards give you a little push to promote my stuff.  And this business model is being done all over the web – and something you might want to use for your business at some stage.  What you do with the money is up to you – you can even give it to your charity of choice.

The only difference between the entrepreneur and the learnaholics are that the entrepreneurs go take action.  Realize they have nothing to lose.  The learnaholic reads these words.  Says “interesting”.  And then moves on.

You will get an amazing buzz from making your first few dollars through the web.  Because if you can do it once than all you have to do is copy and repeat.  Trust me A LOT more people will be doing what I am offering you now.  Here was me when I did my first $600 through marketing someone else’s event:  After this weekend, this can be you as well!

Below is the email you can send or post on your facebook/profile.  Or simply direct people to

Twitter Status: Learn the Internet from 3 pm – 6 pm at Knowledge Village, Block 1, Dubai. Its FREE. Come!

Facebook Status: This Saturday learn about the web.  Knowledge Village, Block 1, 3 pm – 6 pm.

Or send an email to a few friends (edit if necessary):
Subject: How To Make A Living Through the Internet – Sat, 3rd July at 3 pm.  Knowledge Village.  Free!

Hope all is well!

There is event at Knowledge Village, Block 1, on Saturday (3rd July) from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Please do come and bring anyone along – it is free to attend and it will be awesome!

Ever wondered how people make a living through the internet?

Over 450 million people are on facebook. 1.3 million Americans make a living through ebay. The average age of an internet millionaire is 23 years old – the youngest is 12 years old.

Do you use twitter/facebook/blogging/YouTube/odesk or understand what they can help you generate money?

Did you know that it is easier and cheaper to setup your own business now than at any other point in history?

This session you will learn:
– How to setup your first e-commerce website and how to generate money from selling knowledge or products
– What exactly is the Knowledge economy and how YOU can be a leader in the new economy
– How Eban Pagan made over $100 million from selling information products
– How Amir generated $10,000 from facebook and $30,000 from last month
– Why the richest people in society will be those that create rather than those that simply follow instructions
– How outsourcing will kill your job
– How to travel through time and how to clone yourself
– Why you must have a email address rather than a

You can preview some of the ideas and thoughts on this video blog “How to use the internet to build your personal brand”

This will be a session you will not want to miss!

It is FREE from 3 pm to 6 pm. You will get loads of great content and a chance to network with other people wanting to fire their boss and understand how the internet is changing the world.

Feel free to invite your friends and see you on Saturday 3 pm at Knowledge Village, Block 1, First Floor, Dubai.

Please RSVP to or on facebook so we know how many people to expect:

Call +971 50 19 77 531 for any questions.

Come!  You will not want to miss a few  hours to invest in YOURSELF.

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