How To Use Social Media For Your Corporation

Businesses used to advertise in the yellow pages (remember those?). Or on TV. Or newspapers. But now people find their telephone numbers online. They spend more time on facebook checking out their friends photos than they do checking out celebrities in magazines. That means if you want to get heard your business also needs to understand social media.

Why spend your valuable time learning about how to use social media or you could hire a company like Socialize to teach and manage it for you. Akanksha Goel is the guru of social media and you can check her out on or follow her on twitter

Webpreneur Academy is teaching how to use social media effectively to build your personal or corporate brand.  You can totally dominate your niche if you understand how to use social media and the internet to get more business for your company.  Webpreneur Academy will also help you connect with other webpreneurs which is critical if you are serious about working for yourself – you do not want to be the lonely goat trying to figure out the internet by yourself.


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