How To Use The Internet To Build Your Personal Brand And Increase Sales

How to build your personal brand from Amir Anzur on Vimeo.

The internet does not change the world of buying and selling.  Sales is about being known, liked and trusted.  The same things that make you successful offline, will make you successful online.  The beauty of the internet though is that it can amplify you and your personality.  You can tell a joke once, and its there for eternity – in the offline world, people find you boring if you keep repeating yourself!

At this seminar at the Direct Selling Festival I speak about various ways to build your brand online.  For instance you must NOT use gmail/hotmail/yahoo as your email provider as then you are continuously advertising for gmail/hotmail/yahoo rather than yourself.  My email is – i.e. I market for myself every time I send an email – not hotmail!

Webpreneur University will help you build your online brand!  In the new economy it is critical on how you brand yourself and if you are not thinking through your online branding strategy than you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage from the people that do “get” what Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter is about.

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  1. Ann Kimani

    Hi Amir
    I was unable to attend the workshop in KV and was wondering whether you could send me any material which I can read to understand Webpreneur University


  2. Hi Ann, the event details are here:

    This now is a two day event and it will be awesome!

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