If You Can’t Change It, Make It A Feature

In marketing if you can’t change something you make it a feature. Listerine ‘the taste you hate twice a day’. This can also be your thing – if you really see something that makes you stick out and can be seen as a ‘weakness’ than you can turn it into a strength by differentiating yourself. If for instance you are in a wheelchair and pursuing a career where you are the only person in a wheelchair than you can make a few light-hearted jokes about it so that people can feel comfortable that you are comfortable.

You can then pursue the “wouldn’t it be great if the company had a person in a wheelchair on the board of directors” to show its diversity type of angle. Firstly, you do have to truly believe that whatever your differences are, are not standing in the way of you being successful. That you can do the job as good as and if not better than everyone else. Than turning it into an advantage is your prerogative to take.

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