Imagination to reality!

Do you have a software, business, or creative idea that you want to bring into the world?   

You have the vision but don’t yet have the team to help you get there.   

We hire, train, and manage your team to bring your imagination to reality. 

The concept is pretty simple.  People get paid different wages around the world.  You have a vision and if you could hire smart, hardworking people you don’t care where they are based. 

We want you to focus on your vision, and we bring the imagineers to help you refine and implement your vision. 

For instance, you could hire over 60 people in Pakistan for the same price as it would cost you for a single Swiss person. 

Now, we know the Swiss are smart and hardworking, but are they really 60 times more productive than Pakistanis?  What if what you did was all digital and didn’t need the Passport and work visa restrictions of the developed world? 

We work with talented people in a developing market and train them to be even more productive than any other city worldwide.   

In our experience in delivering digital, we still believe that having people working out of an office with each other brings better collaboration than remote workers so that is why we provide an office for your team so they can learn and work together.  Working together brings more loyalty for the longer term and increases the speed at which people learn. 

How it works

  1. Book a free and confidential, no-obligation-to-buy call with one of our Imagineers

  2. We will listen to your requirements and recommend a mix of people to work on your project and why those people are needed (e.g., backend engineer, Mobile App Developer, Google Adwords specialist, Social Media Marketer, etc)

  3. If you are happy to proceed pay the USD 50,000 fee for the 6 months of work which will get you a team of 6 imagineers and 2 apprentices.  We start hiring once you pay.

  4. Your team will be hired, trained, and managed in our offices in Peshawar, Pakistan

  5. You can talk as frequently or infrequently to your team as you want

  6. Your team brings your imagination to reality.  They know the more money you make, the more likely they are to keep their jobs past the six months and also earn bonuses

  7. If you are happy with your team’s performance and they help your business make good money, you can pay them bonuses (100 % of your bonus goes to your team, and none is kept by aartec – same as the restaurant tipping system in the United States)

  8. After 4.5 months of the project, let us know if you would like to renew for another six months or ask your team to look for other jobs with six weeks’ notice

  9. Renew the project or take all the code, and intellectual property with you to your in-house or another team


The investment is USD 50,000 (plus 20 % VAT for UK-based clients).  This covers your team’s cost for the six months.   


We cover: 

  • Salaries of six experienced hires and two apprentices for six months 
  • Recruitment costs  
  • Replacement of staff if you or team are not satisfied with anyone’s performance 
  • Office 
  • Laptops, mobiles, displays 
  • Basic productivity tools 
  • Internet, electricity and other utilities 
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