Imagine If Facebook Had Borders

Imagine that the only friends you could make on Facebook were of the same country or religion as you. Wouldn’t that suck?

Imagine that the unnatural physical borders that were decided before you were born and have cost millions of people their lives and their freedom to travel were also put up on Facebook.

Perhaps the world leaders could learn something from Facebook instead?

As a country that was founded in 2004 it already has more ‘citizens’ than the United States. In April 2009 it had 200 million active users, by July 2009 it had 250 million and by September 2009 over 300 million active users had ‘immigrated’ to Facebook. Which other country has that type of growth?

Isn’t immigration out of control on Facebook? Shouldn’t the ‘leaders’ of Facebook do something to keep those damn immigrants out? They might take our jobs!

John Lennon imagined a place with nothing to kill or die for – and maybe Facebook is it.


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Amir Anzur

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