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We often do things to impress other people – whether it be parents, members of the opposite sex, siblings or friends. When you begin to do things to impress yourself you will begin to be more in control of your life. If you try to be funny and the other person doesn’t laugh than you might get down on yourself. But when you tell a joke to humor yourself it doesn’t matter if the other person didn’t find it funny – you still walk away okay and if they laugh it is a bonus. This way you aren’t reliant on them not having a bad day or any other factor.

For instance you might do somethings to solely impress your parents but what happens if one of them passes away? Will you lose your sence of purpose in life? Same with if you are trying to do it to impress a girl – what happens if she finds another man or leaves you? Will you have no other reason to ‘perform’ anymore?

When you do things to impress yourself you always have a sense of purpose. The fact is no one thinks about you as much as you think about you. What you do to impress yourself is usually aligned to what impresses the people around you anyway – but if you are with the ‘wrong’ crowd than this won’t affect you. People are impressed by different things in life: how much money you earn, what car you drive, how many friends you have, how many cigarettes you can smoke, how good you are at basketball, your ability to play on the play station.

There are endless things that you can impress ‘them’ with but until you know what you want and how to impress yourself than you won’t have a direction you can go. The fact is in many things you might be underselling yourself if you only do things to impress ‘them’. You might impress them by playing college basketball level – but you know you can enter the NBA. ‘They’ might be impressed just by the fact that you are the best player on the playground.

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