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When you visit a grocery store, the payment counter is usually surrounded by chocolates and chewing gum.  The idea being that you are about to spend $50 on your regular grocerry and an additional “impulse” buy of 50 cents is more likely to happen if the temptation is there from the retailer.

You can use this same method to increase your knowledge.


Go out to a bookstore and buy a bunch of books that will help you in your business or personal life.  You may not consider yourself a reader at the moment and think that you do not have the time to read them, but simply buy the books that if you were to read would help you accomplish your goals faster.

Books on finance, PR, internet, health, marketing, sales, religion, languages, personal development etc.  If you are stuck here is a list of the top 100 business books on Amazon or you can see my own list of books that I recommend.


Now do the same with your mobile phone or car.  Either buy or download audio books or lectures and fill your phone or burn CDs for your car.  If you don’t have either, you can easily invest in a$20 mp3 player which will have a much quicker payback than a $100,000 MBA.


A few good sources of audio knowledge:


– – owned by Amazon has thousands of audio books that you can buy and then listen to on your phone, computer, CD or mp3 player.


– iTunesU – you can get over 350,000 FREE audio lectures from over 800 universities such as Oxford, MIT, Stanford and Yale.  You need to download the free application (Mac and PC) and then connect to your phone, burn to CD or mp3 player.


– – Great interviews with webpreneurs by Andrew Warner (my interview with Andrew is here) – better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own.


– Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner – Another great source of interviews/podcasts for the aspiring entrepreneur.


– – all K-12 mathematics and other great lectures on it.  What you couldn’t understand from your teacher at school is available for free for students to learn at their own pace.  If you have a smartphone and a 3G connection you can watch at anytime, anywhere.

– FreedomOcean – podcasts from one of my internet marketing coaches, James Schramko on building multi-million dollar online businesses.


– – disclosure this is my own site and still in beta – you can upload and download knowledge for free.  Currently has limited content, but the idea of this site is to help promote education.

Take a few hours out to fill up your mobile phone or car with the audios so you have a few days worth of knowledge.

Now you have armed yourself with impulse knowledge for either reading or listening.


You may not feel like reading but having a few books or magazines around your bed, living room, office or another place where you have uninterrupted time (but I won’t mention here), will help you eventually pick up a book.  And perhaps read a single page from it.  And maybe eventually a chapter.  Who knows, you might just like one of the books and complete the whole thing.


Note that having mainstream media newspapers does not count as useful “impulse” knowledge, as it is simply filled with politcs, global disasters and other news that won’t really help you develop yourself, but will instead put you in a negative view for the day.  Reading mainstream newspapers is the equivalent of eating chocolate (a moment of weakness on the lips, a lifetime on your hips…).


Now think of how the additional audio knowledge takes so little of your money or time.  If it takes you 30 minutes to travel to work everyday and 30 minutes to travel back, it gives you an hour of knowledge at no extra time (i.e. instead of listening to the radio, you are gaining knowledge).


That hour a day, is 5 hours a week.  And becomes 20 hours a month.  Which is equivalent of sitting in a classroom for 3 full days – without it costing you additional money or time.  Over a year it is the equivalent of doing a semester of learning at a university.


As an employer, you can fill your office with books and audiobooks so that your staff get tempted to invest in themselves at no additional time off work and for a limited investment, you have smarter and more productive employees.


To win in the knowledge economy, you need to keep learning.  The days where you could go to an employer and let them know that you got straight As in your bachelors degree over a decade ago are limited.


The internet has brought about the greatest time in history for learning for the masses.  If you setup your life so that you are “impulsively” learning, you really don’t have an excuse to be left behind in the knowledge economy.



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