Innovate Don’t Emigrate

20 years ago if you had the choice between being born as an average C student in California or being born a genius in Karachi, many would choose to be born as a C student in California.

The C student in California would come across many more opportunities that would enable her to progress in her career and earn a decent income for her family.  The genius of Karachi – or of many emerging countries – would have many barriers that would prevent her from truly living a life up to her potential in her career.

The Internet changes all of this and in this video presentation to IBA University Startup weekend in Karachi I explain why this is changing (recorded via Skype to 150 students).

In this presentation you will see:

  • The shift in wealth and why being a genius from Karachi is now actually becoming a good choice
  • The difference in wealth around the world
  • The opportunities for Pakistanis and Indians to do trade via the web
  • Why you must appeal to the gora
  • Example of how Aamnah went from making what an average Pakistani makes (50 cents per hour) to making what an average American graduate makes (over USD 5,000 per month) while never having to leave her home in Lahore, and how she now has setup her own high tech startup HostMarkaz
  • Lessons from Toyota and Lexus for the Pakistani honeybee Webpreneurs

Incase you can’t see the video above, see it on

To get the figures I used in this presentation visit (search for terms such as “internet” or “per capita GDP” and you will see the figures from places such as World Bank, World Economic Forum etc…)

Slides for the presentation:

Innovate Dont Emigrate (PowerPoint)

Innovate Dont Emigrate (PDF)

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