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I read somewhere that the average American reads less than two books a year, while the average CEO reads over 50 books a year. In theory, the average CEO is likely to be much busier than the average American, yet they seem to make the time to read.

Even if you are not an avid reader you can start by ordering four books a month from Amazon. This will probably set you back $100 a month. You might not even read a lot of them, but you will at least skim them to get a good idea of their advice and perhaps the ones you particularly find interesting you will also take the time to read. Books cover almost every topic you could possibly be interested in. Better presentation skills, more confidence, marketing, making friends, better relationships, better interview skills, finding out what you want from life, goal setting, better body, improving your golf swing, better dancing, humor etc…

Each of these books the author has some insights. They have taken the time to research and what could take you years to work out on your own, the author presents to you so that within a couple of hours you get 80 % of what they have taken years to learn.

At school we were taught not to cheat – but this is cheating your way through life.

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