Lessons In Brand From Bollywood Star Sophie Choudry

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When you see a Bollywood or Hollywood star you might not appreciate the amount of work they put in building their own brand.  Just as Armani, BMW and Nike have brand managers working on their brands, so do celebrities have to manage their own brands. People buy an artists album as they feel an emotional attachment to the celebrity – just as they eat at a McDonalds or drink a Coca-Cola because of what the brand means to them.

In this new economy we have all become brands. The more people that know YOU in a favorable way the more money YOU will make. Any book that Oprah Winfrey recommends is more likely to become a best seller than when your uncle – the one that talks loudly at the dinner table – recommends. If Madonna releases a single it is more likely to be heard than when someone you never heard of releases a single.

Sophie sold over 1.5 million copies of her first album and in this interview she talks about how the world of music and entertainment is changing due to the internet. She is ultimately an “entrepreneur” figuring out ways to monetize her art. She is the first Bollywood artist to be signed by YouTube for an official channel and her YouTube channel has had over 1.5 million hits.

Whether you are starting out as a life coach, an author, a singer, a director, a consultant, an architect or whatever “art” you are going into you will have to figure out ways to build your brand as well as how to monetize your passion. You can create your own map, or learn from the likes of Sophie Choudry and other celebrities that have also built their brand. It is now easier for you to compete with any celebrity and you do not need a big budget or to be connected with Bollywood insiders to become a star.

Sophie gives the example of Justin Bieber, whose mom posted his videos on YouTube and by age 16 he has already sold over 5 million albums.

Its great to learn from the above interview the work that goes into building “Brand Sophie” and the innovation that comes from monetizing the brand – fame is good, but you have to make some money too!

You can see Sophie on her YouTube Channel, follow her on Twitter.  Here is a clip of her in the movie “Pyaar ke side effects” (The side effects of love).

Or simply enjoy her hit “Manjave” from her album “Sound of Sophie”.

Webpreneur Academy will be offering “Youism 101”, the online course will teach you how to create your brand online.  We will be covering creating your own website (just like this one!), YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a host of other tools. In the new economy building your own brand is critical! Your brand is your insurance policy to not get outsourced, downsized or rely on your boss as your only source of income.

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