London Wasn’t Built In A Day

As an entrepreneur you want things to happen quickly.  Your imagination has already seen the future of what your website/restaurant/movie/business looks like but putting all the steps in motion will take some time.  As you are the boss, you set your own deadlines.  And chances are you will want to achieve more in the day than you can realistically get done on that day. 

There is always more to be done. 


But sometimes you have to realize that London wasn’t built in a day.  It took centuries. 


Microsoft wasn’t built in a day either.  And neither was Apple.  Sure with the web the speed at which ideas spread is increasing.  Facebook and Google took less than a decade to make their billions.  But even these took a few years to really take hold.  The founders were working on many ideas before their sites took off or you ever heard of them. 


The actual speed at which things took off for them was a series of small events – building the prototype…finding venture capital…hiring the first employee…setting up the bank account…getting the first trial customer…getting the first mention on the radio….getting the first paying customer…finding the tenth, hundredth and thousandth user…. 


Just because you heard about the company out of the blue, doesn’t mean that it all happened overnight for the founders. 


It took Justin Beiber more than a day to get over 200 million views of his video – he might seem like an overnight success to you. 


For a bureaucrat the world can move at whatever speed - preferably the slower the better  - as you get your pay cheque at the end of the month.  Completing paperwork faster, will only lead to more paperwork. 


For the entrepreneur though, until the dream is a reality she will have to keep running – especially as you have a burn rate to take care of. 


So if you are feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done to make your dream a reality, just remember that London wasn’t built in a day either. 


Plan to do just one thing in the day.  Handle one task today and the rest will happen when it happens.  Tomorrow is also going to be there to build your dream. 

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