Why Writing a Book is Important for Writers: A Simple Explanation

Amir Anzur leads discussions and converses with Mitali Deypurkaystha, an accomplished author and book publisher. They discuss why writers must publish books and how it helps them stand out. Mitali shares her experience of talking in front of people before the pandemic. She explains how books can make you an expert and give you authority.

Writing a book makes you different from others in your field. They also talk about the challenges of writing a book. Natalie says that practicing and spending time on writing are essential. She helps new authors with the process of writing and publishing.

Mitali mainly focuses on nonfiction books, especially those related to people’s businesses or knowledge. A well-written book can help you sell and market yourself. They discuss the choice between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Mitali thinks self-publishing gives you more control, which is good for business.

Amir asks how a book can help people working in big consulting companies. Mitali explains that readers can make them look more meaningful and help them get more clients.

Finally, they talk about marketing books. Mitali recommends her book, “The Freedom Master Plan,” which has examples and strategies for using a book as a marketing tool. She says it’s important to sell the book before it’s even finished and that books can make selling easier.

In simple words, Amir and Mitali discuss why writing and publishing a book is very important, especially for business and marketing reasons.

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