How to have a winning strategy in your life

Amir Anzur engages in a conversation with Moe Mhanna, the author of “Spark Winning Strategy.” Moe Mhanna discusses the motivation behind his book, emphasizing the importance of expressing oneself and sharing expertise. He highlights the power of belief in achieving goals, whether financial success, weight loss, or personal relationships.

Moe outlines the five-step Spark Model, which includes specifying goals, planning, applying the plan, reviewing progress, and maintaining persistence. He believes following these steps with passion and meaning can lead to success.

Additionally, Amir mentions the significance of coaching clients and how personal experiences and insights inspired Mo to write the book to leave a valuable legacy. They also discuss how being an author means you can help and guide others to achieve their goals, and the book is a way to reach more people and clarify your thoughts.

In this discussion between Amir Anzur and Moe Mhanna, several important topics are covered:

  • Amir recommends Moe’s inspirational book and emphasizes its positive impact on readers.
  • They discuss Moe’s coaching services and the value of coaching for personal and professional growth.
  • Amir explains affiliate marketing and how individuals can promote Moe’s coaching services to earn commissions.
  • Moe shares his journey of writing the book and encourages a mindset shift from self-doubt to empowerment.
  • Cultural differences in mindset between Western and Middle Eastern cultures are explored, highlighting the importance of self-development and goal-setting.
  • Amir’s experience in Dubai and its transformative influence on his thinking emphasizes the power of social media and networking.
  • Moe’s call to action urges listeners to take the initiative in pursuing their goals and dreams.

Overall, this discussion underscores the significance of belief, motivation, and personal development in achieving success, with Moe’s book and coaching services as valuable resources for growth. It also highlights the impact of cultural exchange and Dubai’s innovative mindset on inspiring ambitious ideas and actions.


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