My Two Resumes

Over my 25 years of working experience, I have learned to have two resumes. I keep one that is the reality in my head and another that I show employers.


Employers want to know only some of the ventures that have failed. They need one or two pages that fit the corporate story like everyone else. So, for instance, if a company failed after a few years, I wouldn’t call myself “founder and CEO” but instead make it look like a more prominent company and call myself “Strategy director” or “Product Manager” or whatever the job title I was going for. I owned the company, but if you are too entrepreneurial, you might not be a good fit for the corporate world.


I used to fear going out on my own and venturing into my startups, but I have learned that you can go out and do a business, fail, and then be hire-able again by the corporate world. Corporations are used to people having shorter time spans at companies.


So do not fear going out and following a passion or a dream. Just remember that you have two resumes – your reality and the one or two pages you need to show employers that need to be good enough to get you through the door so that you can go back to the corporate world and then recover financially while you bid your time for the next venture to begin.


To get most jobs, you need to get your CV past the HR door and then sell yourself in one or two interviews of one hour in length. The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are constantly selling, so getting your jobs gets more accessible as it is simply one more sale you have to make.


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