Narrative structure in video games

Who doesn’t know a video or computer game title? Probably everyone of us had the experience to play a video game at least once in life. Just think about the old Amiga computers with the first Arcade games, the same ones that built up the story of the whole gaming industry.

Have you ever wondered what video games are telling us with their plots and story backgrounds? Actually, there is a message in each video game shown through a story plot and played by a few characters. Just like a novel or a movie, video games can unveil a narrative structure. 


A story, a protagonist


So, why games attract so many players while books and movies seem to lose appeal in the last decades? Possible answers can be more than a few. First off, when reading a book you can decide to quit and then picking it back later and you feel that your experience hasn’t lost much during the break. Same goes with a movie: in a few hours you get to experience a story in a narrative flow but commercials are surely an inconvenient.

With video games the narrative structure flows in a hurry, it’s all about dynamism and fire rapid clicks to gain points and not to lose lives. But the winning point of video games is the flexibility. Actually, a video game propose the player more options to choose what to do. Generally, it’s about a multiple choice which makes the player feel inside the story plot of the game.


Time: this is the difference


The different runtime of books, movies and video games is what makes really the great distinction in the experience. A book offers a story in an averagely long time, a movie may offer the same story in a shorter time. Video games offer a variable runtime which depends from the player and their capability to finish all the levels of the game.

The gaming industry has developed the idea of time with video games where the runtime progresses in a very short time and other kinds of games where it’s all about spinning a wheel, such as roulette and slots. For example, if you visit Ladbrokes Games you will see that the goal of the Bejeweled 2  game experience is to match a combination of elements: you have to be constant, patient and determined to get to win a prize. In general, slots games teach you how to keep high your attention and to keep faith to your personal goals.

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