Using Agile to Change Your Personal and Business Life

Naveed Khawaja is a seasoned expert in agile thinking. While working at Xerox, Naveed’s agile journey started around 15 years ago when the company faced tough competition from HP and Canon. This challenge led Xerox to undergo an Agile transformation, and Naveed played a vital role. They achieved remarkable success thanks to Agile principles and methods, creating the world’s fastest black and white printer and the most affordable colour printer with solid ink.

Naveed emphasizes the importance of selecting the right Agile approach for specific situations and how Agile thinking, methodologies, and frameworks work together to drive positive organizational changes. He also stresses the significance of cultural adaptability and the need for leaders to effectively manage their tasks to maximize their productivity for more meaningful work.

Furthermore, Naveed discusses their efforts in promoting an agile mindset and continuous improvement in various organizations, particularly at the executive and team levels. They mention conducting assessments, organizing workshops, and providing coaching to assist teams and leaders in adopting agile practices. They also touch upon how different regions and countries have unique approaches to agility and the importance of instilling an agile mindset in educational systems.

In addition to his professional insights, Naveed discusses the importance of purpose for organizations and individuals. He shares two examples, one involving the Halma Group, a highly successful organization driven by a strong sense of purpose, and another where he transformed a struggling company into a European case study within a short period. Naveed believes that having a clear goal is also essential for individuals, providing hope and unleashing their true potential. His purpose concept combines education, expertise, and passion for a positive impact.

Those interested in learning more about Naveed Khawaja and Agile EI can visit and connect with him on LinkedIn. Naveed also shares his insights on LinkedIn and occasionally writes on Medium.

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