We believe we can create wealth for the world through hard work.  We believe anyone has the potential for a better life – no matter what educational background or country they are based in.  Some just need to work harder than others to get to the same spot.

We do still think that physically meeting up leads to trust and quicker innovation than being remote.  So, we have two offices in Pakistan where 70 % of our employees work out of.  The other 30 % are remote (sometimes great talent doesn’t want to move to Peshawar!).

We work 6 day weeks (Monday to Saturdays) and believe this extra day of work adds to our learning and execution so that we deliver better than our competitors over the longer term who might not be working the same hours as us.

Our clients are from around the world.  Our founder, Amir Anzur, is based in London but often travels.  He doesn’t like working from an office and tries to minimize his meetings.  His objective is to become the greatest wealth creation teacher in the world.  For this, he appreciates his own “alone” time to focus on creating books, creating content or working on solving client problems.  He also spends a lot of his time to coach his leadership team so in effect he is creating clones that are better than him at their jobs.

Our “umbrella” company is aartec.com but we found that on social media personal brands are easier to promote than company brands.  Elon Musk generates more news than Tesla.  Steve Jobs was a large part of the Apple brand.  So, as much as it looks egotistical to go with the “Amir Anzur” brand we think this is a better short-term strategy but the team you work with will have an “aartec.com” email address and invoices might come from “aartec Ltd”.

We believe in working with the best tools so our emails are hosted by Google, we use Amazon Web Services and even have a USD 250,000 investment from Microsoft for one of our projects.

We will keep most of our relationships and learnings confidential so that you can be assured you are going to learn from the best and people don’t even know where your back office or company is.  Treat us as a part of your team.  Your clients will think our employees work for you.  We train them to give them the same level of service, if not better, than any of your own staff.

Why do we currently have over 80 % of our employees in Pakistan?  The minimum wage is USD 90 per month.  The population is big and young (220 million people over 64 % under the age of 30).  English is widely spoken.  Amir Anzur is originally from Pakistan so understands the culture well.  He reverse immigrated from the UK to Pakistan to figure out how things work there so that he could have a better impact on one of the poorest countries in the world.

At the same time Amir got his formative training from American consulting companies including Accenture (over 700,000 employees) and Deloitte (over 400,000 employees).  He learned the systems and procedures to make these companies successful.  He dreamt of making aartec.com to that level.  Creating so many great jobs. 

We avoid politics and religion.  We want to work with governments across the world and they frequently change so we don’t want to take sides.  We believe that for technology to be successful, you need to take a long-term view so we want to work long term with governments to improve the lives of their citizens.

We also believe that over 99 % of the people die with the same religion they were born into.  Just like your skin color, you don’t choose your religion.  So we avoid religion in the work place.  We try and avoid using words like “Salaam”, “Namaste”, “Inshallah”, “Shalom”, “Mashallah”, “Masol tov” or any other words that include one group of people but exclude another group of people.  We don’t discriminate our employees or clients on their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or anything else that might disadvantage one group over another.

Our dress culture is pretty relaxed.  You might see some of our employees wearing Tshirts, Shalwar kameez, burqas, suits or whatever suits them (as long as it doesn’t offend anyone).

We often don’t recruit from “famous” universities as we know good talent can be found anywhere and famous universities tend to attract more corporate employers.  We go for talent that might be hidden in universities whose names you haven’t heard of.  We often even recruit talent that might not have had the funds to afford a University education.

Some of the women that work for us don’t like to show their faces for cultural reasons or need to work from home and we accommodate for this.  So, do not mind if people are not showing their face on your zoom call.  During Ramadan many employees prefer to work in the night, so we allow for this.  Every project, you can set the hours with your team.  We try our best to ensure that we are a good place for our employees to work as our talent is important to retain so we do not accept abusive behaviour towards our staff.  Things go wrong in technology, so lets not add stress to our lives but make it a safe and great place to work.

Other than that we are a good bunch of people to work with.  We will make mistakes just like everyone else.  We won’t always succeed at the first attempt.  But we are here for the long term.  We want to make decisions that will benefit our clients and society in the long term.  Yes, in the short term, we need to make money as cash flow is important but we also know the long term is critical so we always try and do the right thing.

We are passionate about innovation to make the world better.  Especially in the digital world as there are no physical products to move, custom duties to pay so the world is on a more equal footing when it comes to digital.

We really hope you take a free discovery call to initiate a relationship with us.  You could be one idea away or one great staff member away from really upping your business, life and impact to the next level.

Take action now!

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