Valuable Insights from a Reverse Immigration Journey

In this conversation between Amir Anzur and Pervez Abbasi, Parvez Abbasi shared his intriguing journey of reverse immigration, moving from the UK to Pakistan at the age of 27. He highlighted his successful ventures, including a company that once dominated the mobile phone market in Pakistan and his role in establishing the National Incubation Center in 2016, which has supported over 300 startups.

Parvez emphasized the importance of startups, offering advice based on his experience. He stressed the value of building a robust and diverse team of co-founders, being patient and persistent, and not rushing to seek investment too early. He also discussed the changing landscape of technology adoption and quality improvement in emerging markets like Pakistan.

The conversation also touched on the challenges and opportunities of reverse immigration. Parvez encouraged research and connecting with like-minded individuals when considering such a move. He shared that although learning the local language can be helpful, it isn’t always a barrier to success, as English is widely used in business communication.

Overall, Parvez Abbasi provided valuable insights into startups, reverse immigration, and Pakistan’s evolving business and technology landscape.

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