Podcast Guests

We want to inspire people to do more in their lives by listening to inspirational stories.  You are probably an author, business leader or change maker in your community and we think your story is inspirational and educational.

Ideally we want to hear about the hardships you went through and not just the glamorous bits.  

We are innovating the ways podcasts are created and promoted.  We need to run these as a business so ideally if you can promote the podcast that you appear on, you can monetize your investment of time.

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Step 1: Book a Podcast Recording Session

We record the podcasts on zoom.  

Simply book a 15, 30, 60 or 120 minute slot.  We recommend a 60 minute slot and we can always cut the time shorter but it reserves the time in both our calendars.

If you can speak Hindi/Urdu and would like to do it in both languages then please book for 60 or 120 minutes so we have enough time for both podcasts.

Book 15 mins   |   Book 30 mins   |   Book 60 mins   |   Book 120 mins

Step 2: Record the Podcast

Please show up on zoom to the podcast at the time you booked which will come to your calendar.  


Some tips are to have good lighting for where you are being recorded.  Try to be in a quiet space as we are recording your sound.  


Be natural and enjoy the experience.  I try to let you do most of the talking so do not feel that you are talking too much!  I will be asking the questions to help you along the way.


We don’t normally edit but if you do want something removed then please let us know.

Step 3: Monetize

         E.g. “Watch me telling my story of starting my company and my early days at www.amiranzur.com/tonyjamous?a=tonyjamous

  • If anyone watches the podcast and buys a service (ranges from USD 3,000 to USD 75,000) you make 50 % of the investment they make for helping us market our services

Example:  When Tony Jamous promotes the podcast he promotes the link www.amiranzur.com/tonyjamous?a=tonyjamous.  This means if anyone signsup for one of our services Tony makes up to 50 % affiliate commissions.  This not only helps us but helps him.  If you don’t want or don’t need the money then please donate it to your favorite charity.

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