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The Book That Will Change Your Life Is The One You Actually Write!

Book Publishing

Books have had the power to change society for thousands of years. Most religions have a book behind the brand, which carries the core message. Books are also used by business icons such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson to spread their message to employees, investors, clients and other stakeholders. 

The rise of the print-on-demand for printing is the biggest change in the publishing industry since the invention of the printing press in the 1500s.   

Now, you don’t need permission from a publisher or other gatekeepers to see if your book is good enough to be read by the public. 

I have written six books, and my first one generated over USD 400,000 in business. I will teach you how to get the most out of your return on your book. 

Could 2024 be the year that the someday about writing the book becomes today? It is easier to write a book than you might think.   

Writing a book will: 

  • Spread your knowledge 
  • Build credibility for your brand (personal or corporate) 
  • Teach you about your own subject as you research to become an expert in it. 
  • Build relationships as the book is doing the talking for you – you put in the hard work once, and thousands can then listen to your message. 


We help you through the whole process, from the idea of the book to how to monetize it, design the cover, get media coverage, and sell it on Amazon. 

Done For You

Done For You With Ghost Writing 

Done For You With Ghost Writing Elite

One Payment 

USD 2,500

USD 10,000

USD 75,000

Or 3 Monthly Payments

USD 1,000

USD 4,000

USD 30,000

James used his book to build his credibility in the market and charge more for his services

Moe has his book in international airports marketing his strategy consulting services

Moe Mhanna books at Beirut International airport

Andreas used his book to build credibility for his hedge fund

Albere wrote a book on an African dictator to show how power is abused and ensure it doesn’t happen again

Albere's Book

Liesbeth was able to publish her book within 30 days

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