Kim Kardashian has created a multi-billion dollar empire through a reality TV show.  We want to educate people though our own reality TV show.

The premise is simple we record our meetings and then share them here.  You can see the “behind the scenes” of Amir Anzur and the launch of a personal brand.  Some things will work.  Many things will fail.

Often times you just see the guru telling you about how they made a million dollars and have a flashy car and that it is easy to do.  The reality is that it is a lot of hard work.  Cash flow problems.  People problems.  Hackers hacking your facebook account.  So many other problems that you will learn from watching these reality TV shows.

These are unedited – apart from passwords/usernames or other security features.  Enjoy and learn from these reality TV shows about how to become an internet entrepreneur.

Kim Kardashian 

Instagram followers – 3.2 million

Net worth – 1.7 billion

Amir Anzur

Instagram followers – 15,000

Net worth – less than USD 1,000,000

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