Making Money By Building a School

Amir Anzur talks with Rehan Allahwala, who is from Pakistan and has been to many places. They chat about what Rehan is trying to do in their conversation. He wants young people, especially in poorer places like Pakistan, to have a chance to earn money early in life, just like young people in rich countries do. He has a particular school where kids learn to be creative and communicate well. They use modern tools and AI to learn, preparing for a changing world.

Rehan also wants to teach people about AI and fix problems in countries like Pakistan. He says technology can make governments work better. He talks about how technology connects people worldwide and helps solve problems.Rehan thinks we should learn from each country’s strengths and invest in them instead of just giving money. He dreams of a political party that trains leaders through online education and social media, making them tech-savvy. He believes in giving technology and connections to people in poor places.

So, what can we learn from this podcast? Technology and education can help solve big problems. We should focus on our strengths, invest wisely, and use modern tools to improve the world. We can also learn to be good leaders and help others by sharing knowledge.

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