One Leg Ahead - Teaching People About Peak Physical Fitness Despite the Loss of a Leg with Richard Sayess

At the age of 28 Richard Sayess had a motorbike accident which tore off his leg. An avid athlete he was now in a situation where we would not have the use of one of his legs for life.

Instead of going into self-pity and wallowing, he gave himself 6 days to accept the news. He then called up his family and let them know.

He went on to build a successful property business and when that crashed in the 2008 financial crisis he went into the fitness training business. He has been training people for the past 13 years. These are executives that are usually over 40 years old and want to work on their full mobility. His oldest client is 89 years old.

He helps people master their body and have more control with just 30 minutes of exercise three times per week. It gives them full-movement. You can join Richard Sayess’s program which will help you bring in better movement into your life 

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