Bet On Yourself!

The best investment in your life is not in your house or your car or even your kids’ education, but it is in yourself. You don’t need a fancy degree from a fancy university – although they help – to create your personal brand. If you can use the Internet to clone yourself and build trust with more people, you will sell more of your services.

We help you create and monetize your personal brand. Your company’s website or social media will not be followed as much as your personal brand. If you are an executive or entrepreneur and you want to sell more of your products or services, then in the personal brand economy, you need to promote your personal brand – even if you are shy and don’t like the limelight!

Your personal brand will be a bigger asset to you than any other company you could invest in or any property you will buy. Your personal brand is an investment for life. Some of you want to be rich and famous, while others just want to be rich but not famous. We can help with both.

I have gone from very little to becoming the 1% of earners in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan – three different countries but the same output of being able to generate wealth from scratch. From my first book, I have generated over USD 400,000 in sales. My TEDx talk has over 95,000 views, and I can help you achieve the same, if not bigger, as I believe a great teacher helps people become even more successful than themselves.

At first we start by looking at your purpose and your vision.  This helps as when you are driven by a “why” you will go through the sacrifices it takes to make the “how” happen.  This process of finding and solidifying your purpose alone will be worth the investment in this program.

We can then help you create a book telling your story and your vision.  The process of writing or having a ghostwritten book will help you think through your vision.  The act of writing is also a great teacher as you will learn from yourself.  A book will help establish you as an authority and help you reach more people.  Books are one of the core principles in many religions and just as religions are powerful brands, we want to help you become a powerful brand too.

A website can also help you target more people and a podcast can help you reach more of your ideal clients and help you increase your knowledge.  Your social media can amplify your message.

Andreas used his book to help him raise a multi-million dollar fund. Dr. Eraldo took my coaching to become the best-known dentist from Albania for medical tourism. Within a week, he was able to generate a USD 8,000 sale.

I want to teach you how to create and monetize your digital personal brand. This is going to be an asset that, if you invest in now, will continue to pay over the next few decades. The digital world is not going away, and those who move quickly can take advantage. The brand can be built around a book, social media, or just your personal contacts.

We focus initially on the strategy because when you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, the how becomes easier. We can even provide a team to make it all happen for you if that is what you choose to do after being comfortable with your own personal digital brand strategy.

We teach you to be a leader in the digital world and because we primarily target people over 40 who have the knowledge in a subject but not necessarily the technical skills we provide the team to bring everything to reality – from ghostwriters, to cover designers and website builders.

This program will change your business and life and to prove it just book a FREE discovery call, which will for many of you already give you a breakthrough to make the most out of your business and life.

How we will help you succeed?

  1. There is online content that you can through at your own pace which has the playbooks on how we use various social media to monetize our brand.  We know you are a busy executive so this core content will take you less than 10 hours to consume as we do not want to make this an endless education platform.  There are additional links and other content which can take you another 50 hours to consume if you want to really become an expert.
  2. We will have a weekly session on Zoom at 6 pm London time every Monday where you will interact with a small group of students, and we work on your brand. These are recorded so you can ask your question ahead of time and listen to the answer. 
  3. There is an optional monthly physical meetup in London on the first Saturday of the month from 2 pm to 6 pm where we share the latest strategies of whats working and whats not working.
  4. Online student group so you can network and ask questions anytime and our team of experts or other students will answer.
  5. A done for you who will help you put up your websites, books, podcasts and social media so you can get results faster.  You do not have to do the technical work yourself, such as putting up websites, as our team will do any technical work for you.
  6. If your questions are still not answered you can call me during London working hours on +447733003930 and I will help you.  I want you to be successful so the quicker you can get the success the better.
  7. If you go for the premium coaching we will have a weekly one-to-one zoom call or in person meeting in London to help you over the eight week program.

Case Studies

Andreas Schweitzer wanted to raise funds for his private trade finance fund.  We coached him to get his book to market which now positions him as an authority in his field and gets noticed.  The process of writing the book helped him genuinely believe he was an expert in his field and gifting out his book to investors raised his profile.  

Andreas has managed to secure over USD 8 million for his fund and is truly passionate about marketing his fund to fixed-income investors.  His book Trade Works: The Trade Finance Investor is available on Amazon and became a Wall Street Journal Best Seller.

Moe Mhanna had a book in mind and wanted us to help him sell it.  We told him that books are difficult to sell and monetize by themselves.  

We helped him publish his book on Amazon, bought a domain, and built his website.  We then coached him into building a business around the book so that he can charge a premium price to his clients for his coaching and consulting services.  We are helping Moe create his personal brand so he can reach more people with his message and monetize his message too.

Dr Eraldo is an Albanian dentist that wanted to promote dental tourism as getting dental procedures done in Albania can happen at a fraction of the cost that they do in the United Kingdom or the rest of Europe.  

We bought a domain for him and created to promote dental tourism to the UK and international market.  We also helped him write his book “Smile: How a smile can build your self-esteem”.

We ran Google ads for people searching various keywords such as “dental implants” and helped him get a USD 7,000 client within a week of working together.  He also uses his books to give out to his existing patients and this is a great source of referrals for him. 

Roz Martin was tired of working in the corporate sector at Johnson and Johnson.  She had a passion for building a health and beauty product and we helped her think through her original business and bring it to market.  Within 2 years of working with Amir Anzur she was able to get a 7 million Euro distribution deal for her business.

Jayke Mangion managed a team of 150 employees running various cafes.  His biggest headache was in hiring staff.  He wanted to create an app that would change all this.  He worked with us to hire a team and create which went on to have a USD 250,000 investment from Microsoft to solve the problem of hiring in the hospitality industry.

How much time do you need to invest?

1. The minimum investment should be one hour per week over the next eight weeks.  But the more time you can spend, the more results you will have and the more results you will have, the more you will do it.  The program is designed for busy people so do not give yourself the excuse that you do not have time to work on your dream.

2. A lot of what I will teach will be around the mindset of being a successful digital entrepreneur and digital personal brand.  This will not only help you in your personal brand but your business and personal life, too.

3. A personal brand will give you status in society, and I will show you how to speed up everything so you don’t need to spend 18 hours a day behind a computer like I initially did.  For some of you the brand can be a company rather than yourself as you really want to avoid the limelight. We work to your personal strategy.


We teach you to effectively “clone yourself” online so instead of you do all the selling in the real world, there is another copy of you on social media, a book, a website or podcast to generate more leads and sales.

  1. You will understand and appreciate the power of the Internet to monetize knowledge and help you sell premium services
  2. You will have your own unique personal branding strategy which will help guide the next decade and beyond of your life
  3. If you would like a book selling on Amazon we will help you with this (from simply coaching you all the way to ghostwriting it for you).  We take care of the cover design. Uploading to Amazon. To proofread and edit for you.
  4. If you would like a website, we buy the domain put up the website for you.
  5. If you would like to use social media, we can create and manage your online presence for you

This program is for executives that want to have a bigger impact on the world but might not have the understanding of the digital world on how to help them get there.

It is for people that might still be a little lost in what to do at the next stage of their life or how to increase their impact.

This program is not so suitable for people without an expertise or something of high value to sell.  We are not as good at helping you sell low-margin products such as pens.

This might not be as suitable for those without a skill or service to sell.  If you don’t yet have an offer we can help you come up with a premium service that you can sell but if you really don’t believe you can sell premium services this might not be for you.

There are self-study videos that you can go through at your own pace.  We have written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our own company which we share with you.  These SOPs will speed up what you do as all the instructions on putting up your websites, books, using social media etc. will be in one place.

There is group coaching on a weekly basis so you have a peer group of at most 12 people in your cohort who will also share their experiences with you.

You will get either group mentoring (if in standard coaching) or one-to-one coaching (if in elite coaching) to help you get results faster.

We have WhatsApp groups so that you can always ask your questions if you are stuck.

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied you have up to 30 days to ask for up to a full refund.

The best athletes in the world have a coach.  As a coach I will help you achieve your dreams faster.  I will help you define your dreams too so you have a clearer vision of your own life.

Yes I’ve done it for myself and several other clients. I have written 6 books myself and coached others do the same.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

All our coaching and done with you services are backed by our 30 days no question asked money back guarantee. So you got nothing to worry for trying us

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