Spiralling To Perfektion

Do you struggle to start projects? People often wait to launch until their business is perfekt. Don’t release the book until it has been reviewed 19 times. Don’t play that song in front of anyone until its just right.

Don’t publish that blog post until all the spelling mistakes have been taken out.

The internet makes it easy to release products and ideas – now its about speed. The quicker you launch your current idea, the quicker you can get feedback and start moving to the next idea. Or you may find that the idea/product has legs and now you can continue with it.

You don’t get to perfektion in one step. If you wait to launch the product until its perfect than you might be waiting for a long time. Microsoft still has bugs in it and its been around for a long while. So does facebook. So can your product.

Look to achieve perfektion in multiple steps. Like a spiral. You will evetually get to where you want to. Just start. Launch. Sprial to perfektion – something is always better than nothing.

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Amir Anzur

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