Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Building People-Centric Businesses

Amir Anzur and Syed Ahmad are the orators in this discussion. Amir Anzur introduces Syed Ahmad as a forefront leader in innovation as a service globally. Ahmad’s company is highly global, with 70% of its business in the US and 30% worldwide. They discuss creation as a service, emphasizing the need for a different mindset and culture to foster innovation in the corporate sector.

Syed Ahmad emphasizes embracing a Silicon Valley-like culture within companies for innovation and digital transformation. He discusses the need for a culture that encouraging experimentation, risk-taking, and a nurturing environment. His company focuses on co-creation with customers, expertise sharing, and various activities from idea generation to execution.

Ahmad also shares insights into his company’s approach to building an innovative culture among its hundreds of employees. He highlights the significance of having a clear vision, fostering a culture of experimentation, and creating an environment that promotes personal growth. The discussion touches on the pros and cons of running a business in Pakistan, with Ahmad emphasizing the country’s growth potential due to its sizeable English-speaking youth population. He also discusses the challenges and advantages of operating in Pakistan compared to other countries.

They discuss the importance of universities preparing students with knowledge, critical thinking, and a growth mindset. Ahmad believes that learning how to learn and self-discovery are essential for students. In the latter part of the conversation, Ahmad reflects on his 20-year entrepreneurial journey. He shares how he evolved his company’s focus from profit-driven to people-centric, aiming to elevate individuals to their personal best.

Finally, they discuss the innovation culture in the United States, highlighting the unique culture, willingness to take risks, and the availability of resources that make it a hotspot for tech innovation. Ahmad also emphasizes the importance of a clear vision, a good team, and a culture for aspiring entrepreneurs. Listeners interested in connecting with Syed Ahmad’s company can visit their website or email him. Amir Anzur highly recommends engaging with the company for innovative solutions and coaching.

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