Your Personal Brand Can Be Worth More Than Your House!


The best investment in your life is not in your house or your car or even your kids’ education, but it is in yourself.  You don’t need a fancy degree from a fancy University – although they help – to create your personal brand.


In a world where an average person spends over 2.5 hours a day on social media those that dominate social media dominate the direction of human society.


We help you create and monetize your personal brand.  Your company’s website or social media will not be followed as much as your personal brand.  


If you are an executive or entrepreneur and you want to sell more of your products or services than in the personal brand economy you need to promote your personal brand – even if you are shy and don’t like the limelight!


Your personal brand will be a bigger asset to you than any other company you could invest in or any property you will buy. Your personal brand is an investment for life.  Some of you want to be rich and famous, while others just want to be rich but not famous.  We can help with both.


I have gone from very little to becoming the 1 % of earners in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan: three different countries but the same output of being able to generate wealth from scratch.  


From my first book, I have generated over USD 400,000 in sales. My TedX talk has over 60,000 views and I can help you achieve the same if not bigger as I believe a great teacher helps people become even more successful than themselves.


Andreas used his book to help him raise for his USD 200,000,000 fund.  Dr Eraldo took my coaching to become the best-known dentist from Albania for medical tourism.  Within a week he was able to generate a USD 8,000 sale.


I want to teach you how to create and monetize your digital personal brand.  This is going to be an asset that if you invest in now, will continue to pay over the next few decades.  The digital world is not going away and those that move quickly can take full advantage.  The brand can be built around a book, social media or just your personal contacts.


We focus initially on the strategy as when you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, the how becomes easy.  We can even provide a team to make it all happen for you if that is what you choose to do after being comfortable with your own personal digital brand strategy.

How will you learn?

  1. There is online content that you can through at your own pace which has the playbooks on how we use various social medias to monetize our brand.  I know you are a busy executive so this content will take you less than 5 hours to consume as I do not want to make this an endless education platform.

  2. We will have a weekly session on Zoom at 6 pm London time every Monday where you will interact with a small group of students and we work on your brand.  

  3. There is a monthly physical meetup in London on the first Saturday of the month from 2 pm to 6 pm where we share the latest strategies of whats working and whats not working.

  4. WhatsApp students group so you can network and ask questions anytime in the group.

  5. If your questions are still not answered you can call me during London working hours on +447733003930 and I will help you.  I want you to be successful so the quicker you can get the success the better.

How much time do you need to invest?

  • The minimum investment should be one hour per week.  But the more time you can spend, the more results you will have and the more results you will have, the more you will do it.

  • A lot of what I will teach will be around the mindset of being a successful digital entrepreneur and digital personal brand.  This will not only help you in your personal brand but your business and personal life too.

  • A personal brand will give you status in society and I will show you how to speed up everything so you don’t need to spend 18 hours a day behind a computer like I initially did.

How much will it cost?

There are four options:


  1. Digital Personal Brand Strategy and Coaching – 3 months

This will give you a strategy within 90 days of signing up.  You will get all the above for 90 days.  The investment is USD 5,000 up front or 3 monthly payments of USD 1,997.


  1. Digital Personal Brand Strategy and Coaching – 1 year

Work with us for the year.  One payment of USD 15,000 for the year.


  1. Digital Personal Brand Strategy, Coaching and Implementation – 90 Days

We assign a team of five such as content creators, video editors, graphic designers, Social Media specialists, SEO specialists to work on your brand so instead of you posting on places like LinkedIn all this is managed for you.


One payment of USD 15,000 or three monthly payments of USD 5,997.


  1. Digital Personal Brand Strategy, Coaching and Implementation – 1 year

We do everything for you for a year, assigning a team of 5.


One payment of USD 45,000 (works out as having a team of 5 for USD 3,750 per month).

Need help?

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

You can bring up to 2 other members onto the calls that are working with your organization or venture for no additional cost.

The event in London is completely optional and a good way to meet people in person.  If you can get at least 10 students in your city then one of our coaches can come to you as well for a meetup.  You can also organize casual meetups with other students as meeting in person still has value in the digital world

There is a coaching call every Wednesday at 7 pm London, UK time via zoom.  Typically less than 10 students turn up at any one time so there is plenty of time to discuss your situation and get individual attention.  Every leader has a unique digital journey and this is not a program for the masses but for the elite leaders.


Individual coaching calls can be set with mutual convenience.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, you have up to 30 days from the commencement of the program to ask for a full money back guarantee.

This is for leaders that want to lead in the digital world.  Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, look to grow your personal brand in an organization, bring in more revenue for your company or simply bring change to society you will benefit from this program.


It will not only teach you about wealth creation but also leading teams, setting up ventures and being productive in the Internet world

You can speak to any one of our trained experts to help you with any strategic or technical things that you might be stuck at.

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