The 3 Fs Of A Startup

The first people to invest in a start up are usually what is known as the 3 Fs: Friends, Family and Fools.

The start up years are the most intense and difficult years. You don’t have a full product and you don’t know if you will get customers or revenue. 9 out of 10 businesses fail within their first year. And 9 out of 10 fail of those that survive fail within the first 5 years.

I am not sure who came up with the 9 out of 10 statistic but I am reasonably sure the chances of survival are a lot higher – especially if you do it the smart way. Over 90 % of the workforce in America work in small companies so small business is doing something right.

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) talks about how if 9 out of 10 businesses fail why he focuses on starting as many businesses as possible in order to get to the 10th one that makes money for all the rest.

What I have now learned on the internet is how easy it is to start a new business. In the past month I have setup a travel agency (, an insurance brokerage company ( – “Tameen” means insurance in Arabic) and now a University.

You have to find what you have passion for in order to be able to survive the long hours and the long journey of a start up. It takes more time than you will think to get your business off the ground. It will take more money than you think.

I have a passion for education. I’ve seen it turn my whole life around. I went to one Tony Robbins Seminar and I went from making less than $3,000 per month to over $50,000 a month within 2 months of the seminar. I lost 4 inches of my gut in 6 weeks. Tony Robbins opened my eyes to the world of personal development and so after him I went to as much seminars and books as I could – everyone helping me along the way. I only mention the money part as it is easy to measure but in truth the self-confidence and self-fulfillment is really what I got.

Another teacher of mine, Ernesto Verdugo, changed my whole mindset of making money on the internet. What Tony Robbins did for me in terms of personal development and mindset, Ernesto Verdugo did for me in terms of the internet. I had never met anyone that actually made money online and I had been trying to figure out how to do it myself for the past decade. I didn’t even have a product and I made $600 within 3 months of joining his coaching.  Knowing he makes over $40,000 per month in PASSIVE income changed my internet paradigm.

Now, I want to setup my own university. To teach people how to become “webpreneurs”. Why? Because entrepreneurs create jobs. They help the economy and also they develop people around them. But being an entrepreneur is expensive and not many people can afford the time or the money of failure in the real world. Pick the wrong location to setup your restaurant and you are pretty screwed. My online travel company and my insurance company cost me less than $100 each to setup. But in order to get to that, it took me 10 years of learning the hard way about setting up a business.  FYI they are not profitable yet, but even if they fail, I have lost nothing but a bit of time and a couple of hundred dollars – what I would have wasted on cappuccinos in a year.

Webpreneur Academy will teach people what I’ve been learning from all the courses that I have been attending and all the books that I have been reading as well all the real life experience from being in business. This will be the core modules – than I have others who are experts at what they do teaching their stuff. What Webpreneur Academy is here to teach is that anyone can be a webpreneur. That mindset is more important than anything else in setting up a business. That life is meant to be enjoyed and to help you find work which you will love doing rather than having you show up just so you can collect your pay check at the end of the month.

I committed to myself that I would launch the university at 4th of May. I had less than 3 weeks to do this whole thing off the ground. I didn’t have the course module. I didn’t have any students. How was I going to do it? The day after I committed – I even put it on my Facebook status so I could not back out – two banks coincidentally called me for a loan. Sure, I’ll take their money to help finance the university.

Then I got my first student. A colleague of mine at the education council. This gave me the buzz to know it was possible and I had a viable business (the first customer is the toughest). That all I had to do was to find 99 people like her that were interested in working for themselves and leaving being the wage slave. I didn’t even have the website together yet but I had an order. I’ll take cash!

I truly want to make Webpreneur Academy the best investment that people will make. For instance, I figured out that time is a major barrier for people so the course will offer one dedicated virtual assistant for every 25 students. The VA will help get the businesses off the ground.  I will also get dedicated virtual assistants that people can hire (but this will be an optional extra for $750 per month).  The VA can start taking over many of the laborious daytime job so the webpreneur can start spending more time on the business.

The second barrier people might have is the cost of $2,000. Few people want to invest in their own education – they would rather leave that money in a bank or put it buying shares that they have no control of the outcome. As I’m convinced the course is amazing am offering a 30 day no questions asked 100 % money back guarantee.

Here is just some of what the course will be covering:

What You Will Learn:

  • The mindset of an entrepreneur
  • How to make money on the internet
  • How to manage your Facebook profile
  • What is twitter and how to use it for business and work
  • How to create your own YouTube channel and do video editing
  • How to make your own website and establish authority in your niche
  • How to set your own objectives in life
  • How to publish your own book
  • How to sell products and services online and offline
  • Basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Learning language effectively
  • How to outsource your life
  • How to find purpose in your life and pursue your dreams
  • How to master inner game
  • How to be creative
  • How to make the transition from being a wage slave to an entrepreneur
  • How to pick the right friends
  • How to setup companies around the world
  • How to bring a culture of innovation in your life and company
  • Ethics of a webpreneur
  • How to deal with rejection and failure
  • How to open your own University
  • How to market yourself to attract people (e.g. to find a wife or husband)
  • How to get in shape physically and mentally
  • How to maximize your contribution to the world
  • The 1 day MBA – Sales, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Strategy
  • How to brand yourself effectively online and offline for jobs or your own business
  • How to market to Americans/Europeans or Middle East etc (targeting a niche)


  • Hosting for the year
  • 3 domain names
  • email address managed by Google
  • Websites that myself or my team put up for you (so you have your own sites to generate money within the first month!)
  • Virtual Assistant for every 25 students – you can ask any question and they will look up the answers for you (e.g. best software to do x or y)

The first 25 students to sign up will get a lot more of my time as I need the university to be a success.  I’ve been in the entrepreneurial game long enough so that the fear of failure is subsiding.  So that I can go give this university everything.  Every chance of helping people become entrepreneurs.  To know that one of the main benefits is also going to be the network it brings.  If you join you will have the benefit of connecting with people around the world that are also looking to get out of the rat race.  One way to make money is on “Geo-arbitrage” so having a tight mastermind of people around the world means you will be able to exchange ideas/products/services.  The virtual assistant will be trained to know what your objectives are and so introduce you to others in the “webpreneur” network that can help you achieve what you want.

I’ve known for a while that education was my thing.  But I tried to work within the government systems to help public schools.  I realized though that one problem we have in education is that the top people are not entrepreneurs themselves.  They are corporate people that have made their way up through the hierarchy – mostly by spending the time.  Most senior executives in education are age 50 plus.  So to explain to them how Facebook, YouTube and twitter are changing the world of education and work take a LONG time.  There is too much red tape in government.  No wonder the public schools are failing – bureaucrats and figuring out what is “pass” and what is “failure” for kids.   And those that don’t fit within the box are labeled as having ADHD or some other disease.

I’m an entrepreneur.  My first business (a massive failure) was in 1999.  My second a mild success was in 2003.  Now in 2010 I’m going for my BIG ones.  In fact I have over 7 businesses and over 250 domain names as I write this.  Do you think I would be a better teacher than someone who has only just read about business (most MBA professors have not been entrepreneurs themselves but just managed to get a PHD – i.e. financing from government or their parents to pay for their education).

I hope you will join Webpreneur Academy.  To be proud of being an F – and more so as a friend or family than a fool.  Remember I’m giving 30 day, 100 % money back guarantee – not many universities do that.

The first 25 students will get A LOT more of my time – which I value currently at $750 per hour.  There will be bonuses and you will receive an education which you will always have – unlike the stock market crash or the property crash – your mind and the experience will stay with you no matter what happens to the economy.

To enroll simply call me on +97 50 977 531. First class is on May 4th (its virtual and recorded so no worries if you can’t make it).  I will do the session live wherever I have the most students.  In every city in which I recruit 1,000 students I will open up a campus.

Call +971 50 1977 531 or email amir [at]

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