The Age Of Independence

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The Age of Independence

In the 1700’s men and women used to be free. They used to own their own small businesses and got up when they wanted, what they earned was up to them.

Along came the industrial revolution in the 1800s and the factories began. Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford brought in the assembly line in the early 1900s. Humans began to become dis killed. The best way for the entrepreneur to make money was to take the “art” out of work and break it down into small tasks. An expensive chef was no longer required, as the tasks were broken down into small bits that anyone could do.  So making a Big Mac was more about following simple instructions, than about the art of cooking.

Jobs became routine. The art from work was taken out. People were happy to lose their creativity in return for not having to think and getting a steady pay cheque. People began to run on autopilot – waiting for directions from their boss.

Along came the internet. Now it was possible for the small guy to compete with the large corporations. No longer did the entrepreneur need to hire expensive labor locally, but they could take advantage of geo-arbitrage and hire people in a cheaper part of the world. No longer did you need a HUGE budget to run an expensive TV advertising campaign, but you could start marketing your company for free on YouTube.

The industrial revolution brought a lot of wealth to the mass population in the past few centuries.  The internet will bring a massive amount of change in societies as people don’t have to leave their “villages” (e.g. Pakistan/India/Afghanistan) in order to move to the cities (New York, London) in order to earn for themselves.  Those people working on auto-pilot for a boss in the major cities will lose while the entrepreneurs with creativity will see a huge rise in their incomes.

The 2010s will see a return of independence. The age where men and women around the world begin to work for themselves again.  The jobs that had become too routinized will disappear – either computers will do them or they will be outsourced to cheaper labor countries.  The creativity and the individuality of the human – or “artist” – is what people will pay for.

Please do take a minute of silence to pay respect to the end of the era of the boss.

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  1. Alison

    I wonder if the end of the “boss era” will lead to an “age of happiness” where people will be less stressed, feel a greater sense of purpose and have more time for themselves? Maybe our society will become less individualistic as a result…?

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