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Fishing poles
How many fishing poles will you put in the internet river?

The currency of the new economy is content. AOL paid $315 million to buy The Huffington Post as they produce content that people like. Facebook has over 600 zillion users as it makes it easy for users to upload their content.

Every piece of content – audio, video, text – is, as one of my internet marketing coaches, Ernesto Verdugo teaches, a fishing pole. A chance to catch fish. The more fishing poles you have in the river, the more fish you are likely to catch.

The winners of the new economy will be those that produce great content. Teachers. Musicians. Film makers. Graphic designers. Copy writers. Journalists.  “Experts”.

Unfortunately for you every day you wait to enter the contentonomy becomes harder to catch fish. It’s easier for my blog to be read relatively frequently in the Middle East as there are not too many bloggers in the region teaching the webpreneurship. If I was based in the United States, the competition is already a lot bigger for your attention. Seth Godin being just one of the masters with over 3,000 blog posts.  Or guys like Andrew Warner, of, with over 400 online interviews.

If you can create content in a different language – Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi – than your rivers are cleaner. There might be a lot less fish, but there are also less fishing poles in your stream. Having the lonely pole with juicy bait is likely to get the few fish that are swimming around. In many of these cultures reading is not as big as video – so producing your content for YouTube might give you an even better advantage.

Starting now means that as these populations also start coming online – the internet is not only for the English speaking – you can dominate your niche with early mover advantage. All you have to do is read posts like this one and a whole bunch of other bloggers, books and any other material. Synthesize what people like my good self are saying and produce content for your niche in words that your niche will appreciate.  Or produce content for a different topic that you are passionate about.  It may be shocking for you, but I read hundreds of books, attend seminars and pay for my own education before producing content for you. You might not want to teach, but love to talk about cricket – believe it or not you can “monetize” almost any niche – providing you are passionate, persistent and paramount (I wanted to write “awesome” but needed a word beginning with “p” so settled for paramount).

You can win by “language arbitrage“. The fact that Seth God in isn’t blogging in Arabic and Egyptians can’t relate to him and his Americanisms.  If you do start blogging in Arabic or Urdu or another language, do me a favor and teach people rather than simply focusing on politics – there is already enough of the “politics” poles in your river.

Yaro Starak, a blogger with many fishing poles through his great blog, entrepreneurs-journey, posts a case study of Olivier Roland a blogger taking English concepts and turning them French and now earning over 14,000 Euros a month.  For instance, taking the Problogger concept into French, through

Darren Rowse, of problogger, can write great content teaching people in the english speaking world to make money through the web, but Olivier Roland can open the world of internet to people that wouldn’t read an English blog from an Australian but prefer to read from a native Frenchman instead.

If you want to win in the contentonomy, you have to start producing content. The days where you competed for a job based on a two page resume or brochures with happy, smiley people are limited. Your market that can give you an income is now the world, not just a single person working in Human Resources for a large corporation. To catch fish like me, you need to follow in the foot steps of guys like AndrewChris, Darren, Gideon, Seth or Yaro. Guys I’ve never met in the real world, but in the internet river, their numerous fishing poles with their juicy bait, eventually caught me.  And many of whom after years or consuming their free content, I eventually became a customer for their “premium” content (or will do in the future).

This blog post was just one of my fishing poles. And if you’ve read this far, congratulate me on catching another fish :).

How will you thrive in the contentonomy?

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