The Future Of Retail Outlets Is YouTube

When you go to an electronics store such as Best Buy (US), Dixons (UK) or Plug-Ins (Dubai) you meet knowledgeable staff but often times they have a “downtime” when there are not many customers in the store for them to help.

What these stores could do is to ask their staff to upload product reviews on YouTube while they are on their downtime.They have great knowledge about the best printer, laptop or camcorder to buy and uploading the video review would not take much effort.

As a potential customer I would then go onto YouTube to check out the latest products and see a review on the new Sony Digital camera.The person giving the review would be wearing the Best Buy t-shirt and so not only would Best Buy be getting free advertising they could also post a link to their website to buy the product.Best Buy would be marketing by using a “sunk cost” (employee time) to build its brand.Rather than hitting me with random ads in magazines, this type of marketing is “pull” marketing (I wanted to buy a camera, so I searched for a review and I found Best Buy’s review).

Some of the “tech people” could become brands in themselves.If I know that Tony from Best Buy always gives great recommendations than I will checkout his other recommendations.Staff could receive bonuses depending on the number of hits generated or products sold.

Great sales staff are essentially teachers.They teach us about the features of the product.We don’t have the time to read everything ourselves so they inform us of what we need to know.Instead of only doing this one-to-one they can now do this once and reach out to multiple people.

In the future there will be a bunch of YouTube workstations around the retail outlet and we can search other people’s reviews before purchasing.The workstations would be in addition to the sales staff.I could explain what my specific needs are and the staff would provide me with what they think is the best product for me (just as a doctor prescribes a medicine).I could then check on YouTube to ensure that other people agree with the recommendation.For the staff, access to YouTube will allow them to gain more knowledge on what they are recommending.

This would make the retail experience a lot better for the consumer – how nervous are you about buying the wrong printer, computer or phone?Having access to a host of reviews on YouTube will give you the assurance you need that you are buying the right product or that you should switch to a competitor.

Just as the web copied many ideas from the real world, now the real world can start copying ideas from the web.Having customer reviews was one of the reasons Amazon became successful, retailers such as Best Buy could now copy that practice and not only bring a better experience to their customers but also use their staff more effectively.

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