The Low Barrier To Entry For Advice

Want help in making a decision? Ask anyone. Anyone can give you advice. Everyone knows best.

The problem with advice is that there is such a low barrier to entry. Your parents know best. Your boss knows best. Your friends know best. Who exactly should you listen to?

When I first started my business back in 2003 I had a lot of people giving me advice on how to run my business. You should be doing this or that. Focus on one thing. Don’t trust anyone. Have people sign Non Disclosure Agreements(NDA) before you tell them your idea.

I listened. I thought well they know best.

Its taken me a few years to learn to trust myself. To figure out that I have my own style of doing business and living and thats what works for me. I eventually figured out that the people giving me advice were not millionaires themselves or leading the life that I dreamed of leading. Why the hell was I listening and following advice from these guys? Did I want to end up like them?

I don’t focus on one thing, but have multiple projects at any one time – thats what I enjoy. I trust people unless I get messed over (very rarely happens). I don’t make people sign NDAs and am happy to share my best ideas before we even start doing business. This is what works for me but might not for you.

The barrier to entry to giving advice is low. In fact there is no barrier. No degrees on adviceology. The problem most kids have is they listen to their parents. Unless, your parents are millionaire entrepreneurs than the business advice you are getting is from an employee. Your teachers/business school professors were also employees. So the people you are meant to listen to are employees and unless you want to be an employee, you are either going to have to find your own way or find other “role models” that you can copy.

So if you want my advice on who you should listen to: It’s you. You somewhere in your gut know whats the right decision for you. Not your parents. Not your spouse. Not your friends. Not your teachers. Not your boss. Not Oprah Winfrey. Not the internet. You know what you should do. You can use the “advice” givers as input but doesn’t mean what they say is the right decision for you to follow.

But then again what do i know whats the right thing for you: that’s just my 0 cents worth of advice…

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Amir Anzur

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  1. awesome !! That is so true… although sometimes i am derailed but i will still try to pursue the same dream i had 3 years ago… 🙂

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